Buzzwords You Should Use In Your Resume 2016

By Josh Novan

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A buzzword is a word or a phrase that is in popular usage at a certain time. It’s essentially a hot word that is often used in sales, and which helps to sell. In business, there are new batches of buzzwords each year, but guess what? The resume is no different, with new resume buzzwords introduced each year. And to make sure that your resume catches the hiring managers eye, you need to start employing the catchiest buzzwords of 2016.

And because we’re always told which buzzwords we shouldn’t use, we thought we’d go ahead and write an article about the buzzwords you SHOULD use in your resume for 2016. So let’s take a look!

It Factor

Having the It Factor sounds very much like having the X Factor, but trendier. Having the It Factor means that you have something that ensures you stand out from the crowd; you’re different, interesting - special.

It Factor is merely an upgraded epithet to the now-cliched and outdated X Factor. Use it in your resume 2016, because it won’t be around for too long.


Hiring managers have always wanted employees who are intuitive, but candidates have for a long time refrained from using this word in their resume.

But if you’re going to nail that resume format 2016, and if you’re going to land your dream job, you should start telling recruiters that you’re an intuitive person who is able to solve problems by using your instincts.


Grew is going to be a very special resume buzzword for 2016. Naturally, it all depends on the position you’re applying for, but hiring managers will be impressed if you can tell them by how much you grew a business. Perhaps you were the top salesman or negotiator? Don’t just tell them this: tell them how much you grew a business.


Employers like it when employees are able to inspire one another in the workplace. If you’re the kind of employee who inspired your fellow employees to do better, in turn ramping up collective productivity, there is a good chance that you’re the candidate for them.


You might be noticing a trend by now. Hiring managers no longer want you to tell them things; they want you to show them. As well as growing businesses, if you ever overhauled one, you should use this resume buzzword.

Overhaul gives the impression that you know your stuff, and rather than spending ages explaining to them how you overhauled a business, you can simply say that overhauled one, dammit!


You’re a deliverer. Employers like deliverers. This is an awesome buzzword that you should stick in your resume for 2016. “I delivered results consistently.” Yes, even I like the sound of that one!


Increased sounds very good. Just think about it: You increased your organisation’s profit margin by 25%. Hiring managers want to see numbers and figures on resume formats for 2016: they don’t want you to just say that you performed well at an organisation: they want to see that you increased profits, and they want to see by how much. Show them.


The problem-solver has been around for a long time now, but hiring managers never get tired of seeing it, and it’s certainly not a resume buzzword that is dying out: in fact, it’s in it for the long haul.

Problem-solver is a really succinct way of saying that you are able to work comfortably and productively by yourself, and that you’re able to get jobs done. You don’t need the help of others; you are able to solve problems entirely by yourself. This is good news for any organisation.

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