Do You Do An Annual Checkup Of Your Resume?

By Martin Buckland - Executive Career Management Professional

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I find it strange that people schedule annual checkups with their doctor, dentist or other professional but they fail to do an annual checkup of their resume. Good career management means always being prepared should an opportunity arise for career advancement.

When I work with clients to create a new resume, I force them to dig deep into their career history to uncover and market their career achievements. I’d be able to retire early if I had 10 cents for every time a client said something like: “Geez, I wish I had kept that information” or “I guess I should start writing down this stuff when it happens”. Unfortunately, the calibre of information shared by each client can have a direct impact on the quality of resume I am able to write. When someone says “Oh, I can’t remember that far back” and we’re only talking about what they did in their job 5 years ago, writing an accomplishment rich customized resume becomes challenging.

As I share in my blog "How To Start and Maintain a Brag Book of Career Achievements", it is much easier to update your resume when the information is fresh in your mind or, at the very least, documented in a hard copy brag book, Word or Excel file, or online application for easy retrieval.

Updating your resume requires a dedicated amount of effort and should not be rushed. Today’s job market is highly competitive and a resume creates the first impression of you as a performer. Pick a date or season and make an appointment with yourself to perform an annual review of your resume.

Just like the Scout Motto “Be Prepared”; be ready for your next career challenge by doing an annual review and update of your resume.

About the Author:

Martin Buckland is a multi-credentialed Career Management Professional. His industry certifications include: Certified Professional Resume Writer, Certified Job Search Trainer, Certified International Job & Career Transition Coach, and Certified Social Media Career Strategist.


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