Executive Recruiters - How They Can Bring Value To Your Career

By Martin Buckland - Executive Career Management Professional

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It seems like every day I am asked “Why don’t Recruiters return my calls?” “Can you introduce me to a Recruiter?” “What role do Recruiters play?” So many more!

Executive Recruiters can play a valuable role in your career management. Like me, they don’t just want to know you when you are in disaster mode having just been laid-off. They want to build and maintain a lasting relationship with you, with frequent communications regarding your career status and goals.

There are thousands of Executive Recruiters; most specialize in one or two sectors or functions while some are more general in their recruitment portfolio. Even in the same firm, you can have two Executive Recruiters working in the same areas. You need to be on their radar and be visible. This can be achieved through a variety of channels but none happen overnight. Patience and persistence is a virtue!

Be visual and engaging on social media sites including LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Your profile should include a business appropriate photograph and clearly portray your career history with quantifiable achievement stories. Don’t be dormant, show you are an expert by sharing information from multiple sources in your area of expertise and be active in groups. Utilize your connections to channel introductions to Executive Recruiters however, be sensitive to your presence. Being unprofessional is a sure way to kill your career advancement.

Executive Recruiters value introductions through people they know. It’s a reliable way of building their database. Uncover colleagues, friends and acquaintances that are connected with the Recruiter you want to connect with and ask them if they would facilitate an introduction. If not, take the old and bold approach of marketing yourself directly.

Once introduced to an Executive Recruiter, open up frank and constructive dialogue. Provide them with all your career information including an up-to-date resume and information on your career goals. They need to know where your next career opportunity will take you. Be clear on the type of employers you are seeking.

Now to the real truth! Executive Recruiters DO NOT find jobs for you. They have clients at the other end that set demanding criteria. If you don’t meet the client-defined specifications, you won’t be contacted. Simple as that!

Executive Recruiters receive many solicited and unsolicited resumes each day. They may give a cursory glance to each, conducting a deeper dive if a resume has been requested but place yourself in their shoes. Although they would like to, they cannot call each person. Time doesn’t allow even for a 5 minute chat, so don’t be upset or insulted if you don’t hear back.

The trick is to maintain your name on their radar so when a project fitting your skills, attributes and career direction arrives on their desk ,you will be the first to receive a call. When in career transition or gainfully employed, don’t pester an Executive Recruiter. Touch base with an eloquent and memorable e-mail once every 3 to 4 months just reminding the Recruiter of your career intentions.

In summary, Executive Recruiters aren’t a quick fix for your career!



Martin Buckland, President of Elite Resumes, is a leading resume writer, career coach and job search strategist with a global clientele. Martin currently holds the following certifications: Certified Professional Branding Strategist, Certified Professional Resume Writer, Certified Employment Interview Professional, Job and Career Transition Coach, Certified Job Search Trainer and Co-Pilot Executive Coach. Visit his website at: http://www.aneliteresume.com

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