Five Steps for Career Spring Cleaning

By Kim Monaghan

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Five Steps for Career Spring Cleaning

1. Dust Off Your Resume. When was the last time you updated your resume? Now’s the time to find it, dust it off and breathe a little life back into it; after all, it is a dynamic document. Start by trimming the outdated information and planting some new wins, accomplishments, achievements, notable contributions, along with the quantifiable results. Always infuse new information while it’s still fresh in your mind, rather than trying to recall it later. And remember, by keeping a strong and current resume on hand, you’ll be ready for any career-enhancing opportunity.

2. Polish Your Profile. How’s your online presence? It’s vitally important that all web-based profiles sync with the brand you’re presenting on paper and in person. When you change positions, move to a new organization, or even earn a promotion, this news should be updated along with changes in contact information. Not only is important to ensure your profile is relevant, but it should also be clean. It’s time to polish away any negative fodder and unprofessional dialogue associated with your profiles. Remember, it’s all part of your brand. Additionally, if you’ve created an online CV, website or virtual career marketing materials, it might be time to polish them, as well.

3. Scrub Up Your Image. Are you dressed for success? The clothing you wear, the technology you use, the briefcase you carry and the way you communicate all impact your image. Spring is the ideal time to take stock of your image, shed any unflattering apparel or accoutrements and don something fresh and professional. No matter how casual your office environment is, you never want to dispense with pride of personal appearance.

4. Mend Broken Relationships. What has been left unspoken? Spring may be the best time, and excuse, for reconnecting. If you’ve lost contact with someone along the way, it’s up to you to rebuild the connection. Whether it was a past colleague, supervisor, mentor or friend, you owe it to them, and to yourself, to reach out and repair what once was. There’s no guarantee it will reap a reward, but it will be worth the effort.

5. De-Clutter Your Schedule.  Do you have time to breathe? For many career-minded professionals, over scheduling is a habit. Spring is an ideal time to try something new, including practicing to graciously say “no.” De-clutter your schedule by selectively choosing commitments that are important in your personal and professional life and politely declining others.


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