Having Trouble Preparing For a Job Interview? Follow These Effective Tips to Boost Your Chances of Landing the Job!


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Anyone in the corporate world knows that job interviews are a way of life. Unlike some manual labor positions where word of mouth and a firm handshake are enough to land you a new job, you'll have to compete with other potential employees in individual and possibly even group interviews.

It seems logical that the interviewer will pick the candidate who is the most qualified for the job. You may have just the right resume to impress them, too. So why didn't you land the dream job that you were going for?

Well, interviewing is a little more complicated than it looks. Interviewers have to think about how the person they hire will fit into the company as a whole, so they don't always pick the person who has the best qualifications on paper. They pick the person they think has the whole package, including personality and behavior. Most companies would much rather train a friendly, teachable person than deal with an expert who is close-minded. 

This infographic from Company Folders will teach you how to put your best foot forward before, after, and during the interview. A few of the do's and don’ts include:

  • Do research the company and position ahead of time.
  • Don’t wear casual or wrinkled clothing.
  • Do ask for clarification if you don't understand a question.
  • Don't take the conversation on tangents.
  • Do thank the interviewer.
  • Don't forget to follow up.

Read on for more pro interviewing tips in the infographic.



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