How to Behave at a New Job: 9 Simple Rules

By Adam Mann

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Changing jobs is always stressful. New job can be exciting and terrifying at the same time. First three months are, actually, a continuation of your interview. You should know what to do and what not to do. 9 simple rules of behavior will help you get used to the new colleagues and become successful at your new job.


1.      Get acquainted

Don’t wait until your new colleagues come to you, show some incentive. Say hello to people, introduce yourself, start a conversation when you can: in the elevator, in the kitchen, in the smoking area. Don’t become too intrusive, though.


2.      Make friends with someone who has been working there for a while and can help with advice

Find out who works in the company for a long time to know everything about the corporate policy. These people can teach you which methods work and which don’t, what slang and corporate jokes there are, etc.


3.      Find out who plays on your team

Pay attention to how your colleagues treat you. It is possible that you took a place that someone had wanted for a long time.


4.      Stick to the legend

It doesn’t matter how you get the job, what you say in the job interview and what skills you add to your CV. What important is that you match that story, at least for the first couple of months. 


5.      Ask, ask, ask

The worst you can do at your new job is to sit silent in the corner. If you plan to build a career in this company, find out how everything works. Besides, the desire to know about the office environment can win your colleagues over.


6.      Organize your work

You’ll have to learn a lot of new information, even if you do the work that you did before in some other company. Organize you’re your day in a comfortable and clever way so that it’s not chaotic and inconvenient. Getting a new job is also a good chance for you get new habits and fight bad old ones.


7.       Attend all the job events

Go to all the corporate parties and team-building events that you can. The more people see you, the sooner they accept you at a part of a team. It is hard to feel relaxed at a new work place, but it’s a bit easier to do at parties and other events.


8.      Friend your new colleagues in social networks

It can be too little time to make informal conversations in the office. Social networks can help you to know your colleagues better and what they like. You better start with some professional networks such as LinkedIn (Facebook can be a bit too personal to start with). My friend who is an HR manager at the assignment help resource Assignment Jedii says that she always adds new colleagues as friends in social networks to see what kind of people they are.


9.      Find out where to go during breaks

Changing jobs is like moving to another apartment; you barely notice the infrastructure first. Walk around, see where some good, cafes, drugstores, malls, etc. If you don’t want to stay in office for lunch, you should find a good place to go to.  

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