How to get your CV Noticed

By Andrew Fennell

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The world of employment is competitive in every sense of the word. For you, this means that you need your CV to get noticed. Understanding what is required to get it noticed is the final part of the jigsaw once you have put a high-quality CV together, so, how do you get your CV noticed?


Upload your CV to job sites

The days of handing out your CV in person are not completely gone but they are disappearing because employers are using job sites to reach out to a wider audience. There are many different job sites out there for you to use and you will be hard-pressed to find an employer that does not use them. Create your account and upload your CV because that is the simplest way to reach out to many employers in one hit.


Network on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of those social networks that simply works when it comes to getting your CV noticed. You can use it to chat with professionals in your industry and you can add your CV to your profile making it possible for people you network with to view it. Again, this platform makes it possible to reach out to those who are recruiting while also making it possible to discuss the finer details openly. LinkedIn brings those who are looking for work and those who are recruiting together and that makes it even easier to get your CV noticed.


Make speculative applications

It never hurts to apply for jobs speculatively. If you get the job, then that is great news but if you don’t and your CV has been written well, you can be sure that employers will keep hold of it should another position become available with them. This is all about getting lucky in a way because you might just hit the right job at the right time and your CV will be noticed. Sometimes, that is how you go about getting your CV noticed.


Attend networking events

Attending network event is s a great way to mingle and put yourself in front of the people who matter to you. This is not a case of giving your CV to anyone who is willing to take it because it is a case of networking in efficient ways. You might begin chatting to someone who is interested in you and so, they may ask you to email your CV to them. You can even sell yourself in an informal way through a quick discussion about what you are looking for and what you can offer. Networking events are often a good way of being noticed because it gives you and your CV the exposure that you need.


Andrew Fennell is an experienced recruiter and founder of CV writing service StandOut CV - he is also a contributor to a number of career pages such as the Guardian and Business Insider

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