How To Get Your Dream Job in 2014

By Matthew Jennings

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I wrote this article for The Career Bible but it applies just as well to medical devices specialist roles and specialist nurses roles (Social-Hire Editor's Note: and indeed great advice for anyone thinking of a change of jobs this coming year!)

This post is going to tell you everything you need to do to get the job you want in 2014. To find your dream job you just need to follow a simple step-by-step process.

The method we are going to use is called D-Day. What this means is we are going to set a date when you will be able to say “I have got my dream job.”

D-Day is an actual event which has become synonymous with an immovable date. You can’t get to D-Day and then decide to move it forwards a few days, weeks, months, years. D-Day is going to happen.

Setting Yourself a D-Day

Let’s set a date of 6th June 2014. That is the date we are working towards. It’s a long way off but it will come round soon enough.

Imagine it is D-Day today. What do you need to be in place to be able to say ‘I have got my dream job?’

You need to be in possession of a written job offer, a start date and everything that goes with it.

Working backwards from that date to today you will realise you also need to have done a whole host of preparation, research, job applications, interviews and getting ready to start your new life.

What Are The Steps You Need To Take?

What do you need to do now and in the coming months to make it happen?

The first thing you need to do is get a calendar – on line or a real one –  and circle 6th June 2014. Write on it ‘celebrate my dream job’. Set a reward to go with it too – a holiday, a new suit, some jewellery or whatever you like.

The next thing is to choose your dream job. If you know what that is, great. If you don’t know then follow the advice from this previous blog in The Career Bible.

When you are happy with your choice, test it out, try it on, imagine yourself living this life.

Do you like it? It sounds great doesn’t it?

Next thing you need is write a basic CV. You will add to it later but for now you need one that is succinct and up to date. Cardiff University have kindly supplied a C.V guide without trying to sell you anything. Put a date on your calendar to remind you to do this. I suggest today.

Embark on the Right Research

Next comes research. Lots of it. Type your chosen job title into Google and see what comes up. Look up the industry and read blogs, articles from people who work in this field. See which trade magazines are available and look for documentaries and You Tube videos on this career, or by individuals working in this career. Find out who the big companies are and the big players. Your local library can help you do this or you careers officer at school/ university. Your job centre can help too. In fact loads of people can help you. Set up a LinkedIn account, a Twitter account and choose a decent email address for your job applications (if your current email is silly or you don’t want to use your work or college one – which I would advise you shouldn’t use because it isn’t permanent).

Now start following blogs and Twitter accounts relevant to your industry and when you feel confident start to comment intelligently in the discussions. Search LinkedIn for people in the industry (by searching for company names or industry headings) and ask them to connect with you. See what groups they belong to and ask to join them and read the discussions and start to comment. Make a date on your calendar to have done all this by. I suggest it will take about a month to get gemmed up.

Next thing to do is see where the conferences, exhibitions, open days are and see if you can go along as a non paying guest. Listen to the key note speakers and talk to people – especially on the exhibition stands. You are networking now  and beginning to make friends in the industry. Mark your calendar with all the networking events you are going to attend.

It’s time to start working in this career. You can get amazing experience by working as an intern. I know it’s lowly paid but get over it. You can also do unpaid work as a volunteer or with work experience. As long as it is related to your chosen job it will be invaluable experience, something to talk about on your C.V and a chance to meet people working in similar roles. Mark on your calendar when you expect to be working in this way and then get applying.

Making All Your Effort Pay Off

Now it’s time to turn this into paid work. Hooray.

Add all this extra industry related experience to your C.V.

Research three recruitment agencies you like the look of who specialise in your industry and then contact them and say you are looking for a job. They won’t bite you. In fact they will be full of advice and help you discover jobs that aren’t advertised. Mark on your calendar the day you are going to do it and then do it.

Look at your industry contacts LinkedIn and Twitter pages and see if any jobs are advertised. look at the trade press and company websites and see what’s being advertised. Write a cover letter and apply to as many jobs as you want. Write to companies directly (phone them up first to see who to address it to). Mark on your calendar when you are going to do this and then do it.

Now it’s interview time. Research the companies thoroughly using their website and their company Pinterest site, LinkedIn pages and Twitter feeds. Search online for news for that company. Type in company name and ‘news’. This will give you something to mention at interview and make you feel more confident.

Get yourself motivated.

As the interviews start coming in mark them on your calendar and then ace them. Remind yourself of all the reasons you want to do this job and turn that into the 5 main reasons why you will be perfect for this role. Tell them these reasons during the interview.

Now it’s the fun part. It’s time to compare job offers.

Choose your perfect one. Accept it. Get it in writing.

Now it’s time to mark your start date on your calendar. Prepare for your first day at work and treat yourself to that big reward you chose at the beginning.

It’s D-Day. / Follow me on @LifeManCareers

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