How to Leverage the Holidays for Job Search Success

By Red Letter Resumes

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How to Leverage the Holidays for Job Search Success


It is holiday time, and people are engrossed in shopping, meals, parties, and planning. It feels as though the world has stopped, but don’t use this as an excuse to put off your job search. You can leverage the holiday spirit to your advantage!

Let me explain. People seem to be happier and more social around the holidays. Individuals tend to be more charitable and willing to help others. BREATHE IN…. you can feel generosity in the air! It is a common belief that individuals equate the holiday season to an inopportune time to apply for jobs. Well, change that mindset! Now is a great time to job search and benefit from your competitions' slacking.

Applying for jobs now means you are contending with a lot fewer applicants. The odds of landing that interview and showing them that you are the most qualified candidate increases dramatically. Employers are not inundated with the usual number of job applicants and therefore, will more than likely give your resume a longer look. The closer look is especially helpful if you are a candidate that meets most (but not all) of the requirements of the position.

Recruiters and hiring managers typically are wrapping up projects and working to meet year-end deadlines. This can include filling open positions, which leads to a sense of urgency and often a quicker selection process. As a result, the recruiters/hiring managers will usually take more risks when it comes to hiring.

You need to seize this opportunity! Take this time to land that dream job or to make a complete career change. You are more likely to have success and a better chance to prove your worth!

Follow these four tips to maximize your holiday season job search:

1. Update Your Resume.

Make sure your resume is updated and that it highlights your accomplishments. You want to stand out from the competition. What makes you unique? Employers want someone who is going to be innovative and bring value to their company. Now is your time to brag about yourself and your career highlights! When in doubt about your resume, ask yourself, “If I picked up this resume off the floor, would I call the person”? Also, have an objective third-party look it over and give you feedback. It is critical that your resume is relevant, concise, free of errors, and impactful.

2. Polish up your LinkedIn account.

Your LinkedIn Profile is just as important as your resume (it is important to note that a LinkedIn Summary is different than a Resume Summary. You can read more about that here). Almost 94% of recruiters will look at your profile online before deciding if they want to bring you in for an interview. You want to make sure you are exhibiting a professional tone, and your profile is as complete as you can make it. Include a professional headshot to set the tone for the profile. If you want more tips on your LinkedIn photo, we have other articles. Please do not underestimate the power of LinkedIn and its role in your job search.


Will your resume pass?


3. Network!

Let your connections know that you are looking for a job. The more people that know you are actively looking, the better. Nowadays, connections help you land the job or, at least, help you get your foot in the door for an interview. This awareness is a critical step in the process. Many jobs aren’t even posted to the public making it extremely important to talk with your connections about any opportunities they know of in their company or that they might have heard of in passing. Your network is one of the greatest, often untapped, resources. Remember, people tend to be more generous around the holidays, so go to those holiday get-togethers and let people know you are seeking career opportunities.


4. Apply, apply and apply.

You can’t get hired if you don’t apply. Look for jobs and read the requirements. If you think you match what they are looking for, then throw your hat in the ring. A job search involves time and effort on your behalf. Treat the search like a job: make a plan, set aside time to do the work, and be consistent. The results will be worth the effort.

These tips are essential to a job search any time of year. You can be successful during the holiday season so don’t fall into the vacation mindset just yet. Start the New Year at a job you truly want! We wish you the best of luck and Happy Holiday searching!


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