How to Sparkle in December! 3 Super easy Career Goals for Job seekers

By Ash Rao - Career Coach /Corp Recruiter - Dallas

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December, the month of snow, lights and feasts! It always brings joy and spreads Holiday Cheer!

Now is the time to sip on some Hot Chocolate, cuddle up with family for some Christmas movies and enjoy the holiday spirit!

But if you are out in the job market looking for your next opportunity, then this time is also the time where you feel a bit low since companies are not in active hiring mode, everything is slowing down and you might feel anxious about your career prospects in the New Year.

Not to worry! 

Here are 3 awesome ways to bring back the energy bounce and to make the most of this time of the year!

Network, Network and Network!

Even though this month is hectic for most people and holiday calendars fill up fast, DO NOT de- prioritize Networking!

Now is a great time to connect with your professional network – reach out to people asking them to join you for a cup of coffee and hardly anyone says No to the delicious Pumpkin Spice Latte!!

Check out and browse through your local events and attend as many professionally relevant events as possible!

 Send Holiday Cards and let your network know that you are ready to take on your next challenge!

In today’s competitive job market, “Who you know” is as important as “What you know”  and having strong referral/recommendations goes a long way in establishing your credibility and adding value to your experience.

Polish up your Resume/Hone your interview skills

This is also a great time to update/revise your resume and your LinkedIn profile to make yourself more marketable to outside opportunities. If you are having trouble, do not hesitate to find a mentor/coach to guide you to revamp your profile to make it eye-catchy!

Invest this time wisely to brush up your interview skills – practice and prepare for future interviews. Do your research on most commonly asked interview questions, learn how to handle interviews effectively (while you are on this, here are some phone interview TIPS), attend mock interviews either with your coach or even with your family members/friends!

Learn something new

Now is a great time to learn a new skill which you can add to your resume in the New Year.

Sign up for a class, enroll for any relevant certification program or even read a new book which will help you accelerate your career as New Year Begins!

And Most of All, Do NOT Stress Out!

Enjoy this time and before you close the year book , do something good – donate to your favorite charity, volunteer to serve for a social cause or just help out someone in need!

December is a Season for Giving! Be grateful and spread the joy to others in your own way!

Happy Holidays!!

About the Author:

Ash Rao is an established Talent Acquisition specialist and a Certified Professional Career Coach. With a Master’s degree in Human Resources and over 10+ years of experience in  HR and recruiting/staffing, she is adept at building long lasting client relationships, social media recruiting , career coaching for professionals and building effective job search strategies for career seekers.

Ash is working as a senior Global Talent Acquisition Specialist at Verizon Labs and also provides 1-on-1 career coaching to new college grads and mid-level executives during weekends and after business hours and specializes in resume writing, interview training, building effective LinkedIn presence, dress for success training.

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