How to Succeed in Skype Interviews

By Nicola Mewse

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How to Succeed in Skype Interviews


With the introduction of new technology it’s no surprise that the traditional methods of interviewing and seeking jobs is also being revolutionised.

Skype interviews are becoming common place in the modern jobs markets, as it enables organisations to filter candidates at early stage to ensure they’re not wasting their own time or yours.

However despite this being a very efficient process, this new approach has the potential to cause intimidation and extra nerves, as this unfamiliar form of communication can instantly make you very self-aware.

Interviews can be stressful enough without someone peering out at you from behind a lens, but if you embrace the opportunity whole heartedly it can be the stepping stone to a new career.


Be Prepared

If you created your Skype account when you were back in school the likelihood is that you’ve got a nickname that you probably wouldn’t want to share with your employer.

Your skype name and image will instantly set the wrong impression if it’s deemed as inappropriate, so ensure you’ve updated your profile and come across in the most respectable manner possible.


Practise makes perfect

Sitting in front of a camera can be a very alien experience, and instantly make you feel on edge and cause you to fidget and move about in the interview, so get used to being in front of the camera by practising with your friends and family.

Confidence is difficult enough to come across in a traditional interview, let alone when you’re sat in front of a camera with a group of strangers staring back at you, so practice will serve you well in speaking clearly, maintaining eye contact and sitting still. 

It can be hard to know where you should be looking during a video interview. Do you look at the screen? At the person? At the lens?

With so many questions floating around in your head as it is, it’s best to get the simple steps organised beforehand so that your confidence is boosted on the day.

According to The Consumerist  you should maintain eye contact much like you would in any normal scenario.  The camera will be able to pick up on the slightest gestures, so keep nervous twitches to a minimum.


Know the Pros and Cons

Just when you thought battling through traffic to get to an interview was stressful enough, Skype interviews also have pitfalls that can make even the most organised candidate crack on under the pressure.

A bad broadband connection, a webcam that doesn’t work and your location being too noisy, there are still obstacles that you will have to cross to ensure you feel the most relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera.

Once you’ve polished up on your interview technique, just remember that a Skype interview could actually benefit you.

After all, you can arrange a convenient time to ensure that you’re happy with your set-up. You don’t have to travel and you can do the interview from home where nobody can disturb of distract you.

With an estimated 687,000 vacancies reported by Hales Group for this year alone, it’s time to embrace new interview technology and ensure you stand out from the crowd.  



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