How To Write A Cold Call Cover Letter

By Steve p Brady

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Sometimes the best time to apply for a job is when the employer isn't looking. If you have the skills they need and you can present yourself as a solution to a problem they may have, sending in your resume to a company cold can get your foot in the door. Even if they are not interested in your skills today, you may have given yourself a leg up when an opening does arise. The key to doing this well is to write a dynamic cold call cover letter.

A cold call cover letter needs to do three things for you. First, it should explain the reason for your interest in the specific organization. Next, it needs to identify your most relevant skills. Finally it needs to showcase your experiences.

Detail your interest.

If you are sending in your resume cold, then you must have an interest in the company. What is it about them that sparks your interest? Do they provide great services or offer an amazing product? Maybe they have an outstanding company culture and that is something you want to be a part of. Let them know what you know about them. Any recent developments, projects or ventures that they are involved in? Make sure to mention it. Lastly, do you already have a contact within the company from whom you have learned about how great it would be to work for them? Make sure to state that as well.

Show your skills.

In the world of work, you are what you have been trained to do. Each person has a unique set of skills and abilities that he brings with him. Be sure your target company knows yours. When you talk about your skills be sure to keep in mind what your target company might need. Remember those upcoming ventures that you mentioned above? Now is your chance to explain how you could be of help to them. How would your skills translate to solving problems they may have.

Highlight quality experiences.

You have told them why you are interested in working for their company. You have highlighted the skills you could bring to bear on the problems they might have. Now showcase where you have put your skills into action. Be specific; use numbers, percents and hard facts whenever possible. Remember that the key is to have them imagining what you could do for them, so be sure to detail experiences that will dovetail with what you’d like to be doing if they hired you.


Steve P Brady has over 10 years experience resume writing and publishes a weekly newsletter on career development for teachers.

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