How to Write a Winning CV [Video guide]

By Andrew Fennell

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A strong CV is the foundation of any job hunt and a vital tool for impressing employers and landing interviews. This detailed video guide will show you the exact steps needed to write an interview-winning CV and even includes a walk-through of a real example CV.

Firstly, you need to research your target roles online to identify the most sought-after skills and knowledge in your field – without this research, you will struggle to write an attractive CV.

Structure your CV in an easily navigable fashion, with clearly divided sections and bold headings throughout, you should also use a simple but professional looking format to ensure ease-of-reading and a professional outlook.

Head the CV with a powerful profile to catch recruiters, attention and summarise your skills and experience. Then detail your work experience to showcase your abilities and prove how you make an impact in the work place.

Don’t forget to include quantified key achievements to prove your value and give readers a clear scale of your input.


This video was contributed by StandOut CV – a leading advice and resource centre for CV writing, job search and interview success.

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