How You Can Land Your Dream Job

By Simon Thompson

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Land your dream job


For lots of reasons many people never get to achieve their hopes and ambitions by landing their dream job but they can still do so - with a little preparation.

A dream job for many people is something they grew up wanting to do but they got diverted from because they either couldn't study for the necessary educational qualifications or it was impossible for financial or family reasons.

But if a dream job is based on something that someone is really good at and passionate about then there's nothing to stop them fulfilling that dream.


Achieve that dream job by preparing

For instance, if the one thing holding someone back from achieving their lifetime aim is a drop in salary, then they need to make a proactive effort in building-up a healthy savings account.

Obviously, this is easier said than done but by cutting down on outgoings and putting money aside every month then a long term career goal becomes achievable.

And if ever there was an inspiration for saving, then landing that dream career goal must be it!

This aim of saving money to make the step into what someone really wants to do also underlines the need for developing confidence so that when the opportunity arises, the person knows that they have the ability and the talent to succeed.


Aim for a new career

It goes without saying that for many people the dream job they hoped for 10 years ago is probably a rather different from what they are accurately aiming for now.

Indeed, that's part of life and for many people the job they hoped to have when they were at school or university probably never materialised for many reasons but they still have a chance to enter that career or one similar.

So, if you are feeling unfulfilled in your current role but you're not quite ready for leaping into the unknown to land that dream job then you will need to build-up your skills to help put you in a better position when the time is right for making that leap.

A good tip for anyone looking to pursue this course of action is to approach a recruitment agency because they will have the experience and expertise to help you land that job.


Use a jobs agency to land a dream job

When meeting with a recruiter you will need to be honest about your hopes and ambitions and define exactly where your career path is aiming.

This means that you will have to decide what type of jobs and salary you are willing to accept, as well as where you are willing to work and what benefits you are hoping for.

Honesty is also key when it comes to detailing skills, work history and education qualifications. This is because the agency will need to be confident and honest when discussing your abilities with a potential employer.

This is also a great opportunity for using the resources of a recruitment agency who will beef up a CV and prepare an impressive covering letter for use with potential employers.

Many agencies also offer workshops or free online courses to help their clients prepare for getting a job.

Essentially, a dream job or career is still achievable no matter how old you are or what your previous experience – you need to be determined and spend time in preparing for the move across.

Another big help is to find out what jobs are on offer and one excellent way is visit the online jobs site Video Recruit – and pick up tips on how to compile a video CV to land that dream job.


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