Interview Question: What is Your Work Style?

By Interview Success Formula

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When going on a job interview, you should anticipate being asked to describe your work style. Your recruiter is trying to determine if you could be a great fit for the job in question.

To prepare for this type of interview question, you may want to consider the following questions for yourself:

How well do you work with others? Do you consider yourself a team player, or do you prefer to work alone? Understanding if you work best on your own or in collaboration with others is an important factor. Your recruiter needs to have a good idea of how you perform as a colleague or coworker. If you’re the type who likes working independently, you must be open to receiving feedback and input from others, even if it’s negative. Being open to the feedback of others is important because they can contribute valuable ideas and opinions.

However, if you do like working on a team in collaboration with others, this is something you should share. Tell them why you like working with others. Recruiters need to know as much about this as possible. They want to learn if by working with others you are at your best and far more productive, which would mean positive results for the company hiring you.

How well do you work with your superior? What kind of relationship did you have with your former boss? If it ran hot and cold, you need to analyze what caused this. Was your boss demanding and inconsiderate or do you think you carry some of the blame?

Once you’ve been told what needs doing, do you prefer to do your own thing, or do you like having detailed instructions explaining how to handle the task? Look back and analyze your past performance so that can avoid a rancorous relationship with your new boss.

Do you consider yourself a good communicator? Try being objective in determining your style of communication. Most recruiters are going to ask you about this because having good communication skills is important. Do you prefer talking on the phone rather than sending messages via email? Can you come up with some examples when you have effectively solved a problem thanks to your stellar communication skills?

Are you willing to work late to get the job done? This is a biggie. Your recruiter must have a clear picture of how many hours in a day you’re willing to work. Employers like knowing that someone is willing to work as long and hard as possible when there’s a deadline or a lot at stake. If you’re saying you’d be willing, then you’ve got to follow through when the time comes and put in those extra hours.

How organized are you in planning your workday? Your recruiter needs to know how you go about planning your day, whether you’re organized or not and how you prioritize tasks. Having the ability to properly prioritize things is a considerable strength, and if you’re good at this it should be emphasized. If you’re ambitious and want a successful career, you need to know how to tackle and complete a project, reaching goals within a specific framework and timeline. When you have these attributes you can assume greater responsibility, which leads to greater compensation and even higher goals.

It is very important to know and understand your particular work style before heading into a job interview. Emphasize the attributes that show you in your best light and you will do well.


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