Is Your Job Search Getting Analogue Results?

By Martin Buckland - Executive Career Management Professional

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We live in a digital age and yet I find so many job seekers fail to update their job search techniques and resume strategy then wonder why they stay suspended in career transition longer than necessary.

In Canada, only 9% of jobs are advertised, recruiters account for 12% and the remaining 79% of jobs are found through networking, both in-person and online. I’m certain there are similar trends being experienced around the world.

Failing to have an Internet presence on the major social media platforms is no longer an option but a necessity for multiple reasons. Results from the 2013 Jobvite Social Recruiter Survey show that 94% of companies use social media as part of the recruitment process. The report continued to share an interesting statistic: “While 94% of recruiters are active on LinkedIn, only 36% of job seekers are.” You need to be where the hiring influencers are looking!

Each social media platform serves a different role. Your LinkedIn profile is viewed to determine your professional experience and hard skills. Hiring decision makers may also visit your Facebook, Twitter and GooglePlus profiles to determine your cultural fit. What you post on social media can also influence the hiring process. From profanity to grammar and spelling mistakes, your online presence speaks volumes and represents the first impression a hiring decision maker has of you.

The way in which resumes are now processed has drastically changed in our digital world. More companies now use a software application called Applicant Tracking System (ATS for short) to pre-screen incoming resumes. The initial purpose of the ATS process is actually to filter OUT applicants, lessening the workload placed on limited HR resources.

ATS platforms are keyword based; without the right keywords, your resume will only end up in the online recycle bin versus the Inbox of a hiring decision maker. Keywords are the hard skills acquired through education and experience. Unsure of keywords for your industry? Feel free to download my “Do you know your keywords” guide available at

An ATS friendly resume requires the elimination of some traditional document features that, while nice to look at on paper, may cause technical difficulties in parsing the resume. It is best to create a simple document using standard keyboard characters, CAPS and bold to highlight key points while avoiding design enhancements including underlines, graphics, shading, charts, graphics, headers and footers.

I bet you don’t use a typewriter to write your resume, so why would you use old school job search methods in a digital age. Learn how to use technology to your job search advantage instead of disadvantage.

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