Is Your Recruiter One of the Good Guys?

By Maple Resourcing

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The recruitment industry is broad spectrum indeed. There’s a wide range of recruiters out there, of varying capability and integrity.

How do you know you’re working with one of the good guys?

Read Maple’s top 5 tips to selecting a good recruiter:

1. Listen more than they talk.

Recruiters exist to match the best candidate and the best employer, as quickly and efficiently as possible. It’s not our place to judge or steer anyone in any particular direction; we’re here to work for both parties and secure the desired outcome for both.

To do this well, it’s vital that recruiters ask questions then LISTEN to what their client/candidate is all about and what they’re hoping to achieve. It’s only by really getting to the bottom of this that a recruiter can have any hope of developing a successful match.

You should be talking more than your recruiter – certainly in the early stages of the engagement. If they immediately launch into pitching you a job/candidate the first time your paths cross, it might be worth considering if this is time well spent!

?2. Driven by customer service.

The best recruiters are some of the most customer-focused people you will find across any sector. Focusing on providing excellent customer service not only benefits any client/candidate in practical terms but, it also leads the recruiter to place utmost importance on the relationship, rather than just the transaction. This means taking a long-term view and ensuring the client/candidate gets what they need, rather than concentrating on short-term results which might not necessarily be in their best interest in the end.

Good recruiters foster relationships, even when there is no immediate pay-off for doing so. For clients, this means acting as an independent source of advice and support. For candidates, it means keeping in regular contact; taking a genuine interest in their careers and their wellbeing.

If it’s high-pressure, or you only hear from your recruiter when you’ve got a budget to spend, you need to ask if they’re in this for the long-haul.

?3. They’re specialists.

This is a people business first and foremost but, it’s an information business too. Becoming an expert in a chosen field gives recruiters access to enormous amounts of information which they are able to use in order to place candidates and advise clients. When a recruiter is spread too thin, it’s simply not possible for them to be an expert – what you’re getting in these cases is a jack of all trades but, a master of none.

It should be apparent very quickly whether you’re speaking to an expert or a generalist. Your recruiter needs to know more than you do – otherwise, what’s the point?

4. They know when to say no.



To do right by their businesses, clients and candidates, good recruiters know that sometimes you just have to say ‘thanks but, no thanks’. Even when that means turning down a big pay day.

Good recruiters know what they’re good at and work to be the best at it. They don’t waste time on placements or projects they can’t add value to. They also know when it’s time to refer business to a colleague rather than taking on too much.

Watch out for recruiters that begin to growing very quickly; make sure they have procedures in place to guard against becoming overwhelmed or diluted.

5. Constantly learning.

If recruitment is about relationships and information, then it stands to reason that recruiters can’t stand still or remain within the confines of their own business. They must be active participants in the commercial world; investing in research, producing content, attending and holding events, and networking.

Good recruiters have a genuine passion for their sector. They are driven to find out the latest developments and meet other interested and interesting people.

Beware the bored and boring recruiter.

That’s our top 5 tips for spotting the good guys in recruitment.



Have any useful tips you want to add?

Let us know!


5. Constantly learning.


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