Just Be Happy You Have a Job

By Stacey A. Gordon_Career Strategist

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How many times have you complained about your job to someone only to have them respond with, “Just be happy you have a job. It could be worse.”                                                                                             

You know it could be worse. It has been worse. But just because you know how bad it has been or could be again, does not mean you have to settle for the scraps today. There is a perception that we should be jumping for joy because the recession is over. Oh, you haven’t heard? The news hasn’t trickled down to you as yet? Well, get caught up! Check in with Time and the U.S. Department of Labor. Unemployment is the lowest it has been since the Department of Labor started tracking unemployment numbers. But don’t feel bad. If you didn’t get the good news, you’re not alone. Professionals like Jose and Yolanda didn’t get the memo either.

The gap between the upper class and lower class is progressively widening and we have to wonder what is causing this to occur. If more professionals of color are working and earning money, shouldn’t the numbers of professionals of color who have “made it” also increase? It’s a little like the fact that we are consistently hearing that the number of women in the workforce is now equal to men and that number is touted like it’s a significant accomplishment. Meanwhile, the number of women in management positions and executive positions has hardly changed.

This defies logic!

For this to be happening there has to be something greater in effect than the standard excuse that “we can’t find qualified women or professionals of color” to fill our job openings or our board seats.

Despite the fact we are working longer, working harder and reaping less rewards – no vacations, no new cars, afraid to say something because a bad job with a low salary is better than no job at all – working professionals are scared into staying in a bad situation because they do know what is out there. We have seen our friends, family and colleagues attempt the jump from the frying pan and they’ve ended up terribly burned sitting in the proverbial fire.

If you are currently stuck in a job you dislike, if you know you are underpaid, if you are still doing the job of two of your coworkers who were laid off years ago, it is time to make a change.

Get unstuck!

Don’t be paralyzed by fear. Regain control of your career.

If you are ready to commit to improving your professional situation, connect with me on LinkedIn and drop me a note. I’d like to help you stay motivated.

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