Just Out of College? Searching for a Job? What to Do & NOT Do

By Interview Success Formula

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To ensure you don’t close the door on any opportunities, you need to avoid jumping to conclusions and making the wrong moves, especially if you’re looking for your first job. Here are some common mistakes that new grads in your position often make:

Not having your profile posted on LinkedIn due to privacy concerns

Huge numbers of companies worldwide and across many different industries use LinkedIn as a recruiting tool. By not having your profile and a complete job history posted on LinkedIn, you could be missing out on opportunities.

You can adjust your privacy settings if you want to keep certain people from viewing your profile. A well-done LinkedIn profile is a great way to let recruiters and HR personnel see what you’re capable of. This is a chance to showcase your experience, skills and qualifications, so don’t hesitate to get help setting this up if you need it. 

Not speaking to recruiters by assuming they’re a waste of time

When you do this you are letting one opportunity after another slip through your fingers. Certain jobs only get filled through recruiters. You should reach out to them, even if for a temporary or contract job because these can lead you right into full-time employment.

However, some recruiters are not trustworthy, so be astute when assessing any potential job opportunity. Ask the recruiter questions about the company and the open position, and if any of his or her candidates has ever been hired by that company. Find out as much as you can and what role the recruiter is playing before deciding if you want to pursue an interview.

Refusing a job you think is “beneath” you

Accepting an offer for a lower-level job will not necessarily hurt you in the long run. If it’s a good company offering you a decent paycheck, what’s the problem? Employers like people who are willing to put in an honest day’s work, who show up on time and do their job without complaint.

On the other hand, remaining unemployed for an extended period of time can look bad on your resume. So the smarter choice may be to accept a job that you are qualified to do although it may not be exactly what you want or are really capable of.

Turning down an interview due to a long commute

You’re not showing good judgment if you refuse an interview because of the commute. You could find yourself searching for a seriously long time if you’re being too picky when it comes to driving. In this age of technology, many companies offer employees the chance to telecommute, so think about this before you say no to an interview.

Refusing to complete an online application requesting your Social Security number

There is a problem with identity theft so you must protect yourself when giving out personal information online. If you have any concerns about a company, research them online. You should also contact the Better Business Bureau in the city where they’re located. Do your due diligence before you fill out the online job application.  

If you’re searching for a job, don’t be shortsighted. Be open-minded and smart about this, taking every legitimate opportunity that comes your way to get in front of the hiring managers working in the field you want to pursue.

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