Latest Statistics Show How Your Social Networks Can Help Secure Your Next Job

By Tony Restell

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Some great stats below on whether your social networks can help you to land a job. I would draw candidates' attention to the following findings in particular:

1. Recruiters spend more time searching for candidates on social media like LinkedIn than they do posting jobs. Therefore your time is best spent tweaking your profile to appear in relevant search results; and also ensuring your profile is as compelling as possible when recruiters do find themselves on your page.

2. This is reinforced by the statistic that it is reaching candidates who might otherwise not apply that is the single biggest reason for employers using social media to recruit.

3. As study after study has shown, employers view referrals as the most important source of quality applicants. So the single most effective way to use social media to your advantage is to find people in your network who can refer you to recruiters in the organisations you would most like to join.

How to use social media to land a job
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