LinkedIn Is NOT Just for Job Seekers

By Red Letter Resumes

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When something comes up in threes, close attention needs to be paid. It is no longer a coincidence or a fluke, it's a pervading concept. On three different recent occasions, someone has told us they stay off of LinkedIn because "they aren't job searching." What other reason could they ever possibly need it for? This is sadly a common LinkedIn misconception.

In 2017, we are still shocked when we hear these words come out of someone's mouth.

Let's clear up the myth once and for all.

LinkedIn is NOT just for job searching.

It is a tool every professional should have in their arsenal. It doesn't matter if you love your job and never want to leave it or if you are actively looking for something new. LinkedIn is a modern professional essential. It has a lot to offer you on a daily basis and ignoring it can cost you. We've put together 5 reasons why you need to make it part of your career success protocol. 

1. Nurture or build your network:
LinkedIn was conceived as a professional networking site. It has grown to become a job searching site as well, but its primary function is still to help you build and grow your peer network. Your profile is your online business card these days, and it makes it so easy to stay on top of the career comings and goings of contacts, friends, and clients. "Let's connect on LinkedIn" has become part of the everyday networking vernacular.
2. Proof building:
One of the best features of LinkedIn is the ability to showcase recommendations. You won't have to sell yourself very hard when clients, bosses, and colleagues have done it for you. To put it in perspective, think about your behavior when you are buying something online. After you read the price, where do you go next? The reviews! Recommendations are the reviews of your profile and can give someone the confidence they need to bring you in on a task, a project, a team (and yes, an interview).
3. Stay in the know:
The LinkedIn news feed is tailored to your interests. WHile it will keep you informed about what your contacts have shared and commented on, it also offers the ability to follow influencers in your field and join groups in your niche. You can stay ahead of the curve by scanning your feed each morning for trending topics, business happenings, and company updates. Being the last to know is a thing of the past. 

4. More referrals:
People turn to their networks when they need to hire someone. Referrals are the easiest way to go. LinkedIn makes it simple for friends to send business your way and keep you top of mind should something perfect for your skills cross their inbox. The real bonus is that it doesn't stop with just your direct network. Second and third level connections can find you too with a quick search. Your reach as a professional just grew two-fold thanks to LinkedIn! Business has always been about who you know, so make sure you are in the loop.

5. Reputation management:
No matter what, someone is looking you up online. A potential client, a boss, a friend, maybe even someone you've never met. LinkedIn is part of those search results and it is 100% put together by you. Your profile can set the tone for how you want to be seen, from your photo to your headline and summary. Don't miss this opportunity to control your perception and lead with your best foot.
Change your mindset on this tool now, and it will serve your career in the long run. Deciding it isn't worth your time if you aren't looking for a new job is selling it considerably short. If you already have a profile, stop ignoring it. If you don't have one, your main excuse is gone.


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