New Year, Old Tricks!

By Jana Kleinman

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It’s 2016 – a fresh new year lays ahead, and for many a brand new outlook. Tons of New Yorkers are pondering their resolutions, and thinking of positive changes to refresh and invigorate their lives. The holiday season is always a time of appreciation, and reflection. With ample time off from work, the distance between the day-to-day chaos, leaves the space in between which many allow themselves to truly process their feelings about their job, career path, and work life balance.  Are you actually happy? Are you too comfortable? Are you learning, and growing? Are your valuable contributions recognized? Are you able to save for retirement properly? It’s extremely common for the working class to re-evaluate their career choices during this sugar-cookie, hot cocoa infused time of year. The next phase becomes: Let’s Start Looking at New Opportunities.

And with the tick of a clock, and a drop of a ball, my inbox will be filled with twice the amount of resumes from prospective job applicants. It may be a New Year, but when job searching, it is incredibly important to make sure you come out swingin’ with old tricks of the trade, which have been forgotten by many – a lost art of common courtesy. If you are a job seeker, looking for your next big challenge – please take the time to consider the basics. I was astonished by how many talented individuals dropped the ball in 2015.



I get it, we are in the Millennial era– we love technology, and I myself am a big fan of environmentally conscious tactics – but this doesn’t exempt you from being prepared.  In 2015, I smiled politely, but internally rolled my eyes every time an applicant came for an in person interview and did not bring their resume with them. “You have it in your Inbox right?”  Yes, I do, but you are likely meeting with multiple people – the percentage of at least 1 of those folks not printing out your resume is highly likely. If you are unprepared, the time it will take for them to locate a printer will take away from time it takes to properly evaluate your experience.


“Thank you very much for your time, I didn’t receive “___’s” business card, would you please let them know I am very interested in this position?” This is unacceptable. You are demonstrating your lack of ability to climb over hurdles by taking the lazy way out. You’re smarter than that, I know it. Ask me for an email address, craft a well written, and differentiated thank you for me to pass along, or if all else fails – get out stationary, and mail it to the office. While I am the gatekeeper, I’m not the major stakeholder in this interview process.


In all seriousness, if you are going to raise red flags at the office, have a conversation with me in advance. If you have a local Starbucks, and want to pull a Clark Kent, great – but that isn’t always necessary, or feasible for many. Communication on the other hand – IS.

I wish for each of you 2016 brings prosperity, good health, and happiness. While  imagining the brand new you  – just don’t forget the ways of old.  Set yourself up for success in every way possible. Happy New Year!!!

Jana Kleinman - Talent Manager, Staffing Golden Retriever


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