Once Discovered, Never Forgotten: Could That Be Said About You?

By Martin Buckland - Executive Career Management Professional

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I am privileged to live in a stunningly beautiful region of Ontario called Muskoka, which has gained prominence over the years as the summer destination of choice for numerous Canadian and US celebrities. Some of the beauty of Muskoka stems from the glistening rocky shorelines formed by the Canadian Shield and the spectacular fall colour show put on by Mother Nature each year captured by the famed Group of Seven artists. Fittingly, the Muskoka Tourism motto is simply “Once Discovered, Never Forgotten” as the picturesque vistas throughout Muskoka make a resonating and lasting impression.

When meeting a potential career influencer for the first time, do you make a resonating and lasting first impression? Given the majority of jobs today are found through networking, it is imperative you seize every opportunity to make a positive and memorable first impression.

Take a look at your resume. Is it easily forgotten or does it make a strong first impression, filled with keywords and quantifiable career achievements forcing the reader to invite you to an interview? In today’s highly saturated job market, the majority of applicant resumes are soon forgotten.

What impression will I get if I look at your online profiles? If I Googled your name, would I uncover digital dirt? If I looked at your LinkedIn profile would your content relay a compelling career message or does it lack excitement and fall into the category of “Once seen, never to be revisited”.

When you attend in-person networking meetings, job interviews or are invited to meet with a recruiter, the first 9 seconds are crucial as that’s the amount of time it takes the other person to form their initial impression of you. Have you dressed appropriately? Did you look the person in the eye and offer a handshake? Are you engaged in the conversation or fidgeting with your hair? The messages delivered by both your verbal and non-verbal communication are equally important in relaying a succinct and memorable first impression.

It doesn’t matter if you are in career transition conducting an active job search or currently employed and prudently managing your career, always make an effort to be discovered and never forgotten.

About the Author:

Martin Buckland is a multi-credentialed Career Management Professional. His industry certifications include: Social Networking Career Strategist; Certified Social Media Career Strategist; Online Professional Networking Strategist; Certified International Job & Career Transition Coach; and Certified Professional Resume Writer.

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