Optimising Your LinkedIn Profile to Improve Your Job Search

By Frazer John Recruitment

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LinkedIn is the tool of choice for many when it comes to recruiting; so it makes sense to not only optimise your profile to increase your visibility in search, but to make your profile as relevant and appealing as possible so that when someone does land on your profile, whether that be a recruiter, hiring manager etc., they are keen to get in touch.

Display Picture

Make sure you have a display picture; preferably a relatively professional one. Many studies have revealed that someone is more likely to contact you if they can put a face to a name. For tips on how to choose the right LinkedIn picture click here.


A strong and straight to the point summary at the top of your profile will help get you noticed. Here you want to tell people that you are available and are looking for new opportunities. You also want to summarise your most relevant and important experience/ achievements.   

Contact Information

Don’t just rely on LinkedIn e-mail; you want to make it as easy as possible for someone to be able to contact you. Include your personal e-mail address and phone number on your profile.


Spend time connecting with people in your industry. If you are interested in securing a marketing based role in Manchester, connect with marketing professionals in that area. Similarly, if you are interested in working for a specific business, connect with relevant employees that work there i.e. hiring managers.

Get in Touch

There is no point having connections if you’re not going to engage with them. Draft a short, professional e-mail that briefly explains your position and send this out to any connections that are of particular interest.

A business might not always advertise a vacant position so you never know who might be hiring. Even if it’s a no, they may keep you in mind for the future or make you aware of other opportunities.

Providing you don’t spam your contacts you really have nothing to lose.


Be active. A redundant LinkedIn profile is no use to anyone. Like, share and comment on industry relevant topics and make sure you join and participate in networking groups. You could even go that one step further and write a post or two yourself. For tips on how to write your first LinkedIn post click here.


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