Pitfalls and Possibilities: So How is Technology Changing Recruitment?

By Steve Clark

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Working in IT recruitment, I’m pretty familiar with the technology sector – and it’s a darn exciting time, with it sometimes feeling as if we’re on the cusp of a Star Trek-style future. But now technology is totally changing the way jobseekers find jobs, and there are things to remember in order to present yourself brilliantly.  

There's an App(lication) for That

It used to be that if you wanted a job, you’d print out a stack of CVs and mail them out or wander the local high street until you got a call back. But boy, are those days ever over.


A lot of companies now only accept online submissions. Which makes it easier for you to apply – but also easier for literally every other candidate.So you’ll want to stand out from all the other lines of text in that email folder. Make sure your CV is dazzling – it wants to look clean on the screen, selling yourself with seriously creative content, and without tons of different typefaces (I know it’s hard to believe, but some people actually dislike Comic Sans...apparently).  

Be Sociable

Every candidate has heard horror stories about companies snooping on their Facebook profile or Twitter feed. And then losing out because of some embarrassing snap from Ibiza 2010. Or not getting a job because they’re not on social media. Some jobseekers have even been known to apply for jobs on Twitter, so hone the art of brevity if that’s how you’re getting on a company’s radar. It’s always worth maintaining separate social media accounts for professional purposes, the last thing you’ll want a potential employer to see is an angry Tweet about cheese and onion crisps that you sent to Stephen Fry at 3am that one time.

Video Star

Before, it was the telephone interview that struck fear into the hearts of candidates. Now, it’s the video interview. As with the telephone interview, make sure you speak clearly – chronic mumbling won’t reflect the professional you really are. And since sometimes ‘net connections are, well, less than stellar, it can be tough piecing words together like it’s a jobseeker jigsaw. Just because you’re at home in your pyjama bottoms (maybe) doesn’t mean you can slouch about. A video interview is no different to a face-to-face one. Treat it as such.

Hey, we all know technology is awesome. It allows us to make connections, order pizza at stupid o’clock in the morning, and, more importantly, kick-start those careers. Use it to your advantage. Sure, the web is an informal playground, but there’s always room for professionalism.

How do you use technology in your job search? What perils and pitfalls have you side-stepped or fallen into? And which possibilities do you love?



Steve Clark is part of Sigma IS – the IT Recruitment Specialists in London.



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