Quick Analysis of Your Job Search Techniques

By JobTonic

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job searchStruggling to get interviews? Are job offers coming in at a snail’s pace? It may be time to reevaluate your job search techniques.

First and foremost, make sure you’re looking for job opportunities online through job search sites and social media. Job boards like JobTonic will have an extensive collection of job listings, which will help you find more opportunities.

Aside from searching for jobs online and taking advantage of social media, there are several other things you can do to boost your chances of landing an interview or job offer.


Tweak Your Resume

If you aren’t getting any calls or interview offers, your resume may not be good. Or, it may not be landing in the right hands. 

Put yourself in an employer’s shoes and quickly scan your resume for 20 seconds. If you were an employer, would you hire yourself? If your answer is “no,” then your resume needs some work. Do you have a compelling theme? Is your opening strong?

If you have a great resume, then it may just be falling into the wrong hands. If you’re submitting your resume online, hiring managers may be overlooking you. Make sure that your resume has the right keywords for the position. Remember, hundreds of applications can be overlooked when applying for jobs online because they don’t have the right keywords or a compelling summary.

Make sure that you’re doing more than just applying online. Hop on LinkedIn and start making connections. Network and use social media to bolster your chances of finding new job opportunities. Unfortunately, it’s often more about who you know than what you know in the job world, so focus on making valuable connections with others in your industry.

If you’re comfortable making a bolder move, you could cut out the middle (i.e. the HR screeners) and call the decision maker. Make note of your background (briefly) and ask some questions that show you did your homework and researched the company. If he or she asks you to send over resume, you’ll skip the HR screeners and head right to the top of the decision maker’s pile.


Improve Your Interviewing Skills

If you’re getting interviews, but no job offers, you may need to improve your interviewing techniques. There are a few key things you want to do with each interview: 

  • Research the company online and on LinkedIn before the meeting.
  • Build a rapport with the interviewer.
  • Try to turn the interview into a conversation, and find ways to relate to the interviewer.
  • Understand the biggest challenges someone in this position will face.
  • Follow-up after each interview in a timely manner.

Practice interviewing with a career coach or friend. Remember, as an interviewee, you want to learn how to control the interview. If you’re having trouble doing this or need serious help with your interviewing skills, consider hiring a career coach. There are also several great books on interviewing techniques that can help you nail the interview and land the job.

If you’re not succeeding in your job search, there’s a good chance that it’s either your resume or your interviewing skills that are holding you back. Improving these two areas can help you succeed in getting interviews and job offers.


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