Six Valuable Skills Top Employers Are Looking For

By Hannah Whittenly

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If you are on the hunt for a new job, you need to do your best to make yourself the most desirable choice for the company you want to work for. There are many things that you can do to boost your chances at getting that job you are seeking. Here are some valuable skills that employers look for when hiring.

Socially Oriented

Having an employee who is both willing to and adept at talking with others is a great plus. There is a great need for communication in every field, and being a "people person" will always put you a notch above the rest.

Time Management Skills

Someone who is able to get the job done in a timely manner is very desirable. If the candidate displays the qualities in being able to multi-task and still be able to meet deadlines, this is a very desirable trait to have, especially in a fast-paced company.

Leadership Qualities

Most companies prefer to hire a leader over a follower. Leaders will offer ideas, brainstorm, be vocal about what they want and overall are the best type of person to have if you need to get things done. If you need someone that will have the drive to motivate others, they will be an asset to the company. They will be goal-driven and this is something that employers love in a prospective employee.

Business Information Technology

Information Technology has become an important aspect of nearly every business’ operations, so a candidate with professional IT experience will find their resume gets moved to the top more often than not. Angela Hendrix, who holds an NJIT MBA in Information Technology, says that formal training in IT is recognized as a valuable skill in almost any industry. A job candidate who demonstrates digital expertise will find no shortage of employers who are looking for their skill set.  


An employee that is flexible with hours, taking on extra projects or moving to different departments, is an employee worth keeping. Employers like having an employee that will not complain about change—they go with the flow and enjoy doing so. These are people that help your company excel by having the adaptability when needed.


An employee who demonstrates loyalty to the company is a great asset to any employer. An employee that is loyal can be trusted with company secrets, such as classified information and private documentation.

A loyal employee can be depended on to back up the company no matter what. These are the kinds of employees that employers look for because they are extremely trustworthy and can be relied on during tough times.

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