Stop connecting and start calling

By Steve Nicholls

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I had a conversation with a coaching client recently, and we were discussing the merits of a proactive approach to social media, in relation to landing your next senior executive role.

He was initially resistant to using the platform, and yet had seen results since we had discussed the strategies involved – but not enough results in relation to his efforts.

Why was this? During our discussion it became evident that he wasn’t following through on potentially valuable connections. It’s not enough to add 10′s of new connections. The next step after connecting should be to try picking up the phone and calling – even if it’s to introduce yourself briefly, and then ask for a convenient time to set up a proper introductory call. Despite a common complaint I hear about recruiters not returning calls, they actually like it when someone is proactive enough to call.

Of course, despite the headline of this article I advocate that you continue to add connections regularly, on a weekly/daily basis, and that this activity carries on as a regular activity. What I’m saying is that purely adding numbers isn’t the end game. The end game is to get as many meetings as you can, and to nurture and grow your relationships.

So when you’re looking at those contact numbers building, remember, it’s of little value if you’re not following through. So review your recent connections, take a deep breath, pick up the phone and start calling. It can be a breath of fresh air in your job search.


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