The Top 10 Programming Courses You Need to Enrol Yourself on Now

By Alice Murray

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The current skills gap in the UK may be impacting the IT industry in more ways than one; but developers are now in extremely high demand because of it.

Being a developer has never been more of a luxury than it is now. If you’re a skilled developer of some sort, odds are you are going to completely smash it in terms of your career in 2017. The technology and IT industries are booming more than ever - and being a developer is likely to set you up for some huge opportunities this year.

It’s also a great time to break into the industry. If you’re an aspired developer, now is a good time to learn the code, crack the programming and start growing your skillset. Whether you’re a software developer, a web developer, a front end developer or a back end developer; you could be dipping your toes in the big money pool very soon.

Especially if you’re a contractor. Contractor developers have the freedom to change their work place often; giving them varying day rates and the chance to negotiate higher pay with each new role, as their work performance improves and develops. Let’s just hope your skillset backs up your salary desires!

So why are developers in such high demand at the moment?

What reasons are there to support the fact that the developer job route is a dreamy one? It is an attractive route: they earn about £40,000 on average and can work their way up to six-figure salaries. Developers can work in freelance, permanent or flexible jobs, specialise or opt for general roles and can claim to work in one of the most exciting, burgeoning areas in the economy.

No wonder so many options are emerging for people to start or switch their careers to coding. From Google's Code-in to lesser known academies, we review some of the best courses and boot camps in the UK for those looking to make the leap: from paid or free options to day courses to 16-week programmes.

1. Makers Academy

This 16-week coding course has a lot of benefits. It’s based in Shoreditch in London, but can also be fully completed online from home. Yes; you can successfully achieve and entire programming qualification from the comfort of your sofa – if you’re prepared to put the work in.

You become part of a community of fellow programmers and developers who are building their future alongside you. The Makers Academy launched in 2012, so it’s still fairly fresh. This is advantageous because it means that it’s modernised, and that the code you will learn is the most relevant in the industry. The only drawback? You’ll need a spare £8,000 to do it.

2. We Got Coders

This one will also leave you £8,000 out of pocket. But for 12 weeks, you’ll learn how to become a tip-top developer in a luxurious live-in location in Bedfordshire. It’ll be just like shipping yourself off to university again; except it’s probably a lot more lavish than your first-year halls with the wacky mismatched curtains and white breeze-blocked walls.

Launched in 2013, it’s a rural mansion residing the English countryside that will teach you all you need to know – in style.

3. Codecademy

If you want to save a bit of cash, learn at your own pace and not budge from the comfort of your duvet and pillow, Codecademy is right up your street. Codecademy is an online interactive platform that offers free coding classes in 12 different programming languages including Python, Java, PHP, JavaScript, Ruby, SQL, and Sass, as well as mark-up languages HTML and CSS.

It’s one of the most influential and established courses available – and it’s totally free!

4. Decoded

If you’re someone who likes to wrap everything up as quickly as possible, why not try your luck at mastering the art of coding in just one day? It’ll set you back a total cost of £1,020 and you’ll have to make your own way to Old Street in London. But for the sake of becoming a professional coder in the space of a day, it’s surely worth it.

5. CodeClan

This relatively new close community of coders and developers in Edinburgh may be the ticket to your programming success. Why? Because it was launched just two years ago; making it one of the most up-and-coming courses in the UK right now.

The process - between first introductions and completing your qualification - goes on for around 16 weeks. Perfect if you’ve got a bit of spare time at your disposal and want to share your experience with others who are in the same boat as you. It’s £4,500 to enrol; but if you end up becoming a successful developer in today’s market, that’s just going to be pocket cash to you!

6. Coderwave

If you’re on a bit of a busy or tight schedule, there is also the option of taking evenings classes. For just £75, you can learn code entirely by attending night lessons in Euston, London. Coderwave is perfect for everyone who has other commitments such as family obligations, a full-time job or anything that requires your attention elsewhere.

It allows you to learn how to code without partaking in the bootcamp-style process of the alternatives.

7. Google Code-In

Google Code-In is suited to those with a bit of a competitive side. It’s a 7-week bootcamp competition on all things coding – and it’s completely free. Anything with the renowned name of Google attached to it is always going to stand you in good stead of securing that once-in-a-lifetime job role.

It may be a competition, but it’s a fun and quirky one too; aimed at those who want to get started in the business and receive the professional credit of a Google-approved qualification.

8. The Iron Yard

The Iron Yard is a huge technology education company that can take you from amateur to expert in just a few weeks. With this London-based course, you can go full-time or part-time; meaning that your options are wide open.

The price tag isn’t as cheap as some, but The Iron Yard is highly regarded amongst the best of the best in the industry – and is internationally recognised. You can complete the course in person, online or through corporate training programs.

If you want a course that puts you in the driver’s seat, The Iron Yard is practically tailor-made for you.

9. CodeRoute

This 12-week programme in London will again, set you back around £8,000. However, CodeRoute is what developer dreams are made of. Why? Because it is designed with the explicit purpose of getting students employed.

Students here will build real-world projects and will participate in plenty of workshops and talks from industry pros. It also ensures that you’re properly prepared for working in real development teams. The environment, course structure and activities throughout the course are modelled on industry practices, so students feel more like they’re in a start-up role than a classroom.

Graduates will then work with London's top recruitment firms to get their first tech jobs. If you’re after a definite career as well as experience in code, CodeRoute is your calling.

10. Treehouse

Treehouse is an online coding course, whose mission is to bring affordable technology education to people everywhere, in order to help them achieve their dreams and change the world. The courses have a massive scope; building websites, iOS and Android apps, creating a tech-based business and ultimately, getting a job.

The courses here have stellar reviews and are affordable at £30 per-month. 

So, are there any that you think we’ve missed that are of paramount importance?

Let us know in the comments! If you’re looking to learn a specific type of code as opposed to gaining experience with code in general, there’s nothing stopping you from doing that either.

The UK is crawling wall to wall with the most exclusive courses in all areas of code and programming – all you have to do is look.

For more advice on where to code, or how to make a job out of it, speak to your personal concierge at KnowNetwork now. If you’re a developer who is looking for a new opportunity, you can spool through our exclusive current offers too.

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