Things You Need To Grab A Tech Job

By Aman Khare

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Technology is spreading everywhere and those who make it happen are popping heads from every corner as well. One of the biggest industry that is hosting the biggest talents, IT and Digital are unbound by the conventional approaches to identifying, developing, and recruiting promising individuals. This makes it far too easy and equally difficult to grab a position in the industry.

Working side by side with (and through) tech, we saw a lot of trends regarding the advent of IT jobs. These trends point to very specific notions the industry holds for recruiting talents. IT jobs are available in an overflowing quantity, it is the talent that is missing its mark to reach out to them. So here is what you can do to get your career kickstarted in the industry. 


Learn the basics to advanced levels of IT skills. It doesn't matter if you are opting for a degree, a diploma or a certification course, what matters is that you learn to apply the skills well. The skills include (software) development, web management, networking, data handling, and so on. Check the trends for current needs of the industry and that of the future; a little research will go a long way to enhance your career. Although, if you find yourself particularly good at some aspect of it (that might not be making it to the trends), worry not, the industry always require specialists in every nook and corner. 

Work and Earn

Probably the most important aspect of grabbing a stronghold in the industry and on your skills too. Working is the way to more work and more stability in the market. Pick a few small freelance projects, get an internship, get the work going, and don't forget to get paid. Not just that it'll bring motivation, it'll also bring value to your skills and the much-needed work experience to make the first big break too. Understand, it is a marathon, slow and steady is the strategy (with a few leaps here and there is a plus). Having a diverse portfolio is the only way to show dedication, learning, value, and everything else. Nothing can compensate work experience but experience can compensate everything else.

Show Off

It is important to understand that while showing your skills off is imperative, doing so is also an art and reflection of maturity if you can maintain that right balance. Market yourself subtly whenever you get a chance but 'subtly.' Start your own little projects, write a blog, engage with the industry-specific audience (with more professionals and fewer peers), there is so much you can do. Contributing to open source projects and forums is one of the best ways to market yourself in the IT industry, you never know when a professional may be watching.  


Very few will advise on this matter but be assured, networking is a real deal when it comes to job search. Irrespective of its nature, digital or on-site, networking will bring you in the direct contact and in front of experts that can refer you to jobs that'll often never come out as open-to-apply positions. You'll get to know of upcoming vacancies, different organizations, recruiter expectations, and so much more. And with 'the subtle art of showing off', you can get yourself a VIP pass (and guided walkthroughs) to them too. Networking itself is a long-term strategy for the betterment of the entire career, from the beginning to the end.

The gist is, and as you may have been expecting from the start, what you need to grab an IT job runs on the following lines:

Valuable Skills; evaluated (and proven) through coursework, work experience, completed projects, peer reviews, etc.

Exposure; mostly through work experience, and significantly through your presence in the community (from networking and engagement activities).

Spotlight; through appraisals, interviews, reviews, engagement activities, etc.

The spotlight is the final goal here, to be seen by the right people, in the right manner, and at the right time. And when that happens, you will and will have a job offer. So take the above tips into consideration, blend them creatively in your job search, and be patient and persistent. It may take a while but your efforts will not go unawarded. May the best follow you!


About the Author: Aman Khare
Aman is the content manager for and freelance art director for several firms. Known for his in-depth analysis and quirky sense of getting things done, his current studies on job search, resume formats and content for professional communications have gained traction. His tips for job seekers and recruiters are certainly unconventional and he welcomes your views on how helpful they turned out to be, so do shoot a comment!


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