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Have you ever thought the job search would be a lot less stressful if you could just peek into the mind of the person receiving your resume? Recently,
Beyond conducted a national survey of HR professionals to do just that. Our survey looked at the hiring process and found surprising statistics that might help you get inside the mind of a recruiter and bring you one step closer to a great job.

Don’t give off the ‘flight risk’ vibe

Did you know that 71% of recruiters aren’t willing to hire job hoppers? With recruiters reading up to hundreds of resumes a day, you’ll be lucky if they spend six seconds looking at yours. The last thing you want is to appear like a job-hopper – in other words, someone who has changed employers too often during a short period of time.

A great way to avoid the job-hopper stigma is to clean up your resume to only include experience that is relevant to the position you’re applying for. Having every single part-time job, internship and volunteer opportunity might seem like a great way to show your dedicated expertise, but it might just do the opposite. There’s no shame in sticking to a shorter resume. In fact, a clear and concise representation of related work experience is easier for a busy recruiter to identify important details.

Don’t limit your applications to ‘on-the-go’ only

You’d think that with today’s 24/7 online and mobile access, applying for jobs is doable anytime and anywhere. While it’s true that applying for jobs in the park on your lunch break is possible, it’s not perfect. According to our findings, more than 50% of HR respondents indicated that their organizations don’t have a mobile-friendly job application process. Mobile technology certainly has the makings to disrupt the recruiting space, but for now, the full potential of mobile job application is still a few years away.

Even though recruiters understand that applying from a smartphone isn’t perfect, it doesn’t mean they won’t hold typos and spelling errors against you! More than half of recruiters surveyed said they wouldn’t consider hiring someone with a spelling error on their resume. Applying from the desktop computer will give you more control and is still a better option overall.

Work experience trumps education 

We found that 96% of HR professionals believe work experience is more important than education level.  This means it’s a great idea to come prepared with evidence from your prior experience. This could include writing samples, case studies, letters of recommendation, or anything else to show a proven track record. And in case you were wondering, no, bringing your diploma to a job interview is not a good idea.

Job searching, either while unemployed or at a job you dislike can be a fierce battle. It’s great to know what you’re up against. Thinking like a recruiter will help make sure your resume is seen and that you’re taken seriously as a viable candidate for employment. If you’d like to see what else really matters to employers, check out this infographic and visit


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