Think Professional Not Personal and Ensure the Best Impression!

By Martin Buckland - Executive Career Management Professional

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Everything about you leaves an impression! It’s simply human nature and your impression will have an impact on every decision maker you will ever meet especially in your career. Accepting that we have the ability to positively influence the majority of decision makers with our best impression will increase your success in securing a job interview, getting the job, and advancing in your career. The easiest way to ensure the best impression is to think professional, not personal!

There is a very good reason a real estate agent recommends the services of a professional stager to those interested in selling their home. It’s simply professional versus personal. The majority of buyers are attracted to modern, open spaces and neutral colours. Investing in those changes, rather than taking offense that most people do not like your personal tastes, will assist in the goal of securing the best price in the shortest amount of time. The same approach should be applied to your job search.

Most people are aware of what is needed to create a positive impression in a job interview: punctuality, professional and conservative attire, knowledge about the job/company, confidence, and eye contact. Personally, you love your hot pink blouse, cartoon tie, tattoos and body piercings. But if you want to create the best impression with the majority of decision makers, think professional, not personal. It is imperative to avoid anything that could cause a distraction from your interview. A large stain on your suit from lunch, fidgeting hands or a bobbing foot will also result in a negative impression. If you have any doubt, seek out professional services. A professional resume writer, career coach, interview coach, and social media professional will ensure you leave the best impression on paper, in person and online.  Don’t limit your opportunities!

Think professional not personal and the impression you leave will assist you in getting the best job in the least amount of time.  For more tips on thinking professional, not personal, check out my blog



Martin Buckland, President of Elite Resumes, is a leading resume writer, career coach and job search strategist with a global clientele. Martin currently holds the following certifications: Certified Professional Branding Strategist, Certified Professional Resume Writer, Certified Employment Interview Professional, Job and Career Transition Coach, Certified Job Search Trainer and Co-Pilot Executive Coach. Visit my website at

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