Three Ways to Improve Your Leadership Skills

By Career Savvy

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Leadership is an admirable trait that any employers seek. Even if the role is a non-management position, employers are often looking for business leaders of the future in their new recruits, as well as candidates that have led a team as well as been part of one. So if you’ve no leadership experience, how can you evidence that you possess these skills to the recruiter? And how can you make sure your leadership skills have the potential to develop and improve?

Throw Yourself in the Deep End

When it comes to leadership, experience is absolutely key. If you’re not a natural born leader, it’s still important to show that you have the ability to step up to the plate if need be. Put yourself in a situation where you will need to act the leader, either inside work or outside. You could volunteer to oversee a project at work or take on a voluntary role where you are leading a small group outside of work, such as a children’s sports team or scout group. Knowing that you have the ability to do it, regardless of whether you enjoyed it or not, will be a great help to your CV and job applications.

Gain Confidence

Confidence is an important trait that good leaders possess, so the more confident you are, the better you will fit into a leader role. There are plenty of things you can do to boost your confidence. Start by thinking positively – not just about your job or potential career options – but about all aspects of life. A change of outlook will have a big difference in the way you come across and can make you look more confident, even if you don’t necessarily feel it yet. Another way to improve your confidence is to practise things you are good at and add to your achievements. Rekindling hobbies or taking up new challenges will help you do this.

Be a Team Player

Being a great asset to a team is the first step to becoming a leader. After all, a leader is still a part of the team and not separate to it. If you make an effort to include everyone in teamwork, be supportive, encouraging and offer to muck in, you will be a great choice for a team leader next time round. It’s important to show you understand what makes up good teamwork by putting it into practice.

In short, it’s all about tapping into the potential you have to be a leader, as well as getting yourself out there and giving it a go. Doing so will give your CV a boost as well as giving you the edge in your application. 

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