Tips for Extroverts in the Workplace

By Career Savvy

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If you’re an extrovert then your outgoing and confident nature will help you to achieve great success in your career. However, there are some unattractive qualities associated with an extrovert personality, therefore it’s important to ensure you don’t let these have a negative effect on your career. Here are some tips on how to control the damaging traits of being an extrovert and use the positive ones to enhance your chances of success.

Choose the right career.

As an extrovert you probably don’t like spending time on your own and instead prefer to socialise in relatively large groups. As you’ll be spending the majority of your time at work, it’s important to pursue a career that suits your personality. For example, a job which requires plenty of teamwork and interaction with clients/customers will be far more up your street than a role that relies heavily on working independently. This is because you feel energised by those around you and enjoy sociable situations. If you need some ideas, here are TotalJobs best jobs for extroverts.

Learn to listen.

In social situations you’re often the life and soul of the party as your unrelenting self-confidence enables you to initiate conversation and speak your mind. Unfortunately, whether consciously or not, in a work environment this often leads to you bulldozing colleagues. No doubt you have some great ideas, but it’s important to remember that others may have some too, they simply need to be given a chance to speak. We’re not saying you shouldn’t give your opinion, but if you occasionally permit others to take centre stage during meetings, you will find you learn valuable lessons and gain respect from your co-workers.

Offer a helping hand.

Your outgoing personality may be admired by many of your colleagues, but it’s probably triggering a lot of envy too. To ensure you present yourself in a more positive light, use your impressive interpersonal skills to form good relationships with your co-workers and help those who are more introverted to come out of their shell. In return for you imparting your wisdom on how to be more outspoken and present ideas effectively, you may learn valuable tips about how to manage your workload or work more efficiently on your own. By appreciating other perspectives and being willing to help others, you will receive far more support from your colleagues which will enable you to become more successful.

So if you’re an extrovert who is looking to progress in your career, then it’s worth sitting back and having a think about your behaviour in the office. Following the steps above will help you to harness any negative qualities associated with being an extrovert and instead you can channel your positive qualities in order to boost your chances of a successful career.

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