Traits Social Recruiters Look for in Talent


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As a job seeker, you must utilize every possible outlet to find a new assignment. Whether you are preparing to graduate from college, currently “in-between jobs”, or in need of a change of scenery, finding a new job can be quite the challenge.

Importance of Demonstrating a Positive Social Network Image as Job Seeker 

One of the best methods that job seekers use today is that of social networks. Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook can be a hotbed for job postings and other employment information published by companies looking for top talent within their industry. To boost your chances of success, make sure that you demonstrate the top traits that social recruiters look for in talent today.

Personal vs. Professional

Recruiters who use social networks to screen job candidates will weigh the personal versus professional posts found on a candidate’s page. The most personal network is Facebook, whereas LinkedIn is the most professional. Many employers will look to Facebook to research some personal info about a candidate while they will use LinkedIn to get a feel for how the candidate interacts on a professional level.

If you are in the midst of a job search, make sure you clean up your social network profiles to avoid losing out on a job because of inappropriate postings or comments. Avoid discussions of drugs, alcohol, bad mouthing your current employer and showing poor communication skills.

A Complete and Strong Profile

Social recruiters will also take a long look at a job candidate’s profile when screening online. They will look for things like a professional profile picture, an exhibition of creativity and a range of interests. Candidates should make sure that their profiles exhibit all three of these items so recruiters using social media get a feel for what the candidate is like both professionally and personally.

Be Proud of What You Post

Employers do not want to see you in risky situations or involved in inappropriate activities when they browse your social network profiles. Make sure your account is cleaned up prior to applying for a new job. Make sure your written posts are free of foul language and other inappropriate discussions. Many people use their social networks to share blog posts, articles and other content. Make sure this content is readable for people of all ages.

Display Pride in Career

Another factor recruiters look for when browsing social media profiles is that candidates display pride in their career. These candidates are connected to multiple individuals within their industry, are involved in forums, post content about their job or industry and much more.

Loyalty for Current Employer

Even though the candidate might be looking for a new job, he or she still needs to display loyalty for their current employer. Posting disparaging remarks about their current employer is a bad sign for potential employers. They will not look favorably on the candidate for any job openings because those remarks could follow them to a new place of employment.

By paying attention to the above traits in building a strong social network pressence, any job seeker can stand out to recruiters in a positive way. Use the above tips as a way to improve your social networking activities and get noticed by the right hiring managers. 

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