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By Experteer

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It is no secret that the task of finding suitable candidates for some senior positions is very often exclusively entrusted to headhunters. We live in the age of the Internet and social media and headhunters use these channels to acquire candidates for management positions. Over 93% of recruiters and headhunters worldwide check the online profile of a candidate right after they receive their application. While it seems that everything is transparent in the online world, very few senior management candidates are fully aware of the workings of a Headhunter and end up making simple mistakes during the application process.

We collected the most sought after questions from our candidates and will share them with our recruitment community to discuss them, which will help candidates and at the same time allow our headhunter partners to share their valuable insights. Like last time, we will hold this discussion on Twitter in collaboration with our partners Social-Hire and Brandanew. The #HeadhunterChat will take place on Twitter on April 23rd at 4pm Central European Time (GMT+1) via our Twitter handles @ExperteerWorld and @Experteer and will be an hour long discussion.

#HeadhunterChat Twitter Event April 23 2015 Questions

1)     What are the top 3 sources headhunters use to find senior candidates? 

2)     Should I proactively approach headhunters? If so, what is the best way?

3)     What questions should I ask a headhunter?

4)     What questions should I be ready to answer when talking to a headhunter?

5)     What measures should I take to be discovered by headhunters in my industry?

How to be found by Headhunters: Some stats you need to know

  • About 93% of headhunters and recruiters use the online profile of a candidate as a decision influencer. 1 out of 3 workers has been rejected on the basis of information found on the Internet.
  • Headhunters only establish contact with those candidates who are relevant to the industry and the hierarchy that they are hiring for. So simply enquire about this information and ensure it is a worthwhile contact that will be beneficial to both sides. Never ignore a phone call from a headhunter, for this enormously lowers your chances of a successful co-operation with the headhunter. Check in with a professional and concise e-mail to get the headhunter interested.
  • Over 69% of candidates worldwide find executive positions with the help of online platforms. Connect with recruiters and headhunters even if it did not work the last time. This can give you a head-start for a new career opportunity when headhunters next carry out a relevant search mandate.

More tips on how to be found by headhunters for your next management position, are compiled for you in this infographic.  We await your presence during our Twitter Event and hope for your enthusiastic participation like the last time! Please feel free to spread the word.

~Vantage Point (Experteer)


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