Using Twitter to Spot Hidden Job Leads

By Tess Curle Taylor, PHR, CPC

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Searching for a job online is one of the most popular methods to finding a new job these days. There are literally thousands of jobs boards online where companies can post their open jobs. Companies also publish career pages that have available jobs on them as soon as they become open.

Candidates can find all of these resources online now, making the job search very easy, especially when you throw in social media accounts. Candidates can use Twitter to find some of the best hidden jobs out there today.

Follow Companies of Interest

One of the best things a job seeker can do on Twitter is follow the companies that interest him or her. This is an excellent way to find out what is going on at the company and be notified of their available jobs as soon as they are posted online. Companies love to tweet about their operations, their employees and the jobs they have available.

Hashtag Searches

Hashtags have become one of the most popular and easiest ways to discover topics on Twitter. Job seekers can use a hashtag search to find jobs that they would like to work at companies across the country. It does not matter if the job seeker follows the company on Twitter or not. A hashtag search will yield some of the best results. For example, if you work in the education sector, you can search for available teaching jobs using the hashtag #Philadelphiateachingjobs.

Follow Recruiters

If you have recently attended a recruiting event or a job fair, it might be smart to follow any recruiters you met at those events on Twitter. By following recruiters you let them know how dedicated you are to your career and to furthering it. You will also be able to see their tweets, which could be about job openings that interest you at companies in your region.

Create a Twitter List

When you follow someone or a company on Twitter, those entities receive an email that you are following them. If you want to follow a company privately, you might want to consider creating a list. A list can be kept private from all those associated with your account.

To accomplish this: Go into your profile, create a list, select private and begin adding people to the list. Make sure you hit save when you are done. The list allows you to receive updates from users without actually following them so long as their account is not set to private.

Private Messages

Job seekers can also take advantage of private messages on Twitter to find new jobs. Private messages are sent from user to user without anyone else seeing what is written. The only catch here is that private messages can only be sent between users who are following each other.

By tapping into the powerful social platform that Twitter has become, anyone can spot hidden job leads before the competition does. Use the above tips to support this mission. 

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