What to do When Your Job Search Isn’t Working

By Melanie L. Denny

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Let me guess, you have been looking for a new job for many months now, but you have yet to seal the deal. Maybe you’ve had an interview here or there, but absolutely nothing has surfaced.

You’re starting to become discouraged…frustrated…lost…confused.

You are doing everything “right”. You’re networking, you’re on LinkedIn, you’re applying online, tweaking your résumé, tailoring your cover letter – nothing is working!

Your job search simply isn’t working.

Well, perhaps you should STOP job searching altogether.


Yep, instead of job hunting, consider transforming your efforts into a self-marketing campaign. Much like a business would conduct a marketing campaigning to bring in new business.

After all, it’s the same concept.

You have a product (YOU), you have an intended customer (A DEPARTMENT WITHIN A COMPANY), so you need a strategic plan to show your customer why they need to make the investment in your product.

Here’s the thing…

Job searching has changed. The market has changed. Our communication methods have changed. It’s a different world than 10 or even 5 years ago!

So, now, my friend…you must change.

Change your outlook on the job market, change the way you approach companies, change your entire method.


Be proactive versus reactive…instead of waiting for a job posting to pop up online, go out and find the opportunities.

Find people, not jobsmake direct contact with those in a position to hire you (your future boss). They hang out at networking events, industry associations and LinkedIn and they are not as inaccessible as you may think.

Understand and own your value…speak your customers’ language (dollars and cents) and translate your experience into valuable benefit statements. So, vague, dull terms like “sold products” become powerful statements like “generated $20K.”

Make it less about you and more about them…think about it. How are you sold on buying a product or service? You don’t buy unless you can clearly see it as a valuable investment that will help you in some way or another. Take the same approach when selling yourself to an employer. What’s in it for them?

So, like I said. Stop job searching and start marketing and selling yourself – just like a major corporation. After all, you are the CEO of Brand YOU!

Happy Self-Marketing!


"Melanie L. Denny is a Certified Professional Résumé Writer, LinkedIn Strategist, Personal Branding Consultant, Speaker, Author and a trusted resource for all things job search. She is the creator of My Career Academy, a 5-week online program specifically designed to help you brand, market and sell yourself for the POSITIONS (& SALARY) YOU DESERVE! Visit melaniedenny.com to learn more about her services.

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