Where to look for jobs in South Africa Some Quick Tips

By Preetu Gupta

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You want to grab the attention of the employers, recruiting agencies and advertisers! South Africa opens the door for ample work opportunities in various sectors like arts & entertainment, business & management, design, engineering, finance, manufacturing & production, science & technology, transportation & aviation and a lot more. However, the going will to be very easy when you are looking forward to jump start your career or to give it that required nudge to your existing professional sphere. Don’t think much about how to find a job in South Africa, but frame an action plan.

The newspapers

Keep a tab on the dailies like Sunday Sun, Mail & Guardian, Business Day and the like as you never know while sipping your cup of tea; your eyes can grab something really big for you! So keep your eyes and ears open, put your trust on the dailies offering quality informational pages on the work sphere- a good job can find you!

Online job searching

The web is evolving as one of the best platforms that can not only connect the job seekers to the best of employers, but can make people to find a means to build their life in the way they want. For instance, if you are looking for a job in South Africa, you get to know about the operating modes and the functioning of the various industries. So surfing online can lead you to make your way to a promising career and reach out to the employers in need of candidates for various designations. 


If you just restrict your level of interaction to only a very close circle of friends and acquaintances, you are working on the wrong track. Starting from making your entry to the professional field, good network can always help. You start of as nobody, if people get to know you, they will keep you in your mind via the talks, debates or discussions you have regarding your career prospect. This, in turn, might lead you to get some good reference, which can weave magic. Remember being referred is fine, but to seal the deal or snatch away that job from the employer’s kitty is solely on your hand. So give your best when you appear on the day of interview.

The job portals In South Africa

There are plenty of online job portals which are at times free, but also charge you in return  of giving a boost to your career which is ready to take off or making it to run at a higher speed. So search and scan the job sites so that you get to know how an effective job search South Africa can give you good results. One good place to look for available jobs in south africa is ZA gigajob. It is a free job site for both job seekers and Recruiters. Here you can find Jobs city wise also. Some egs: Jobs in Cape town or Jobs in Johannesburg etc.

Social Media Recommendations

If you want to make your search to get hold of a job in South Africa, because you are locating by wish or due to situational circumstances, remember that social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and the like can do a lot more good in building your connections. It is not only the job seekers from the various corners of the globe who are looking for suitable jobs and scanning social media, the top brands are flocking these social channels also. So what better way to make a professional deal? 


Hope these tips help!!

Good Luck with your Job search



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