Why Working From Home Makes You Both Love And Hate The Office

By Graduate Recruitment Bureau

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Having a 15 second commute is the dream…right? Being able to sit in a comfy chair, wear your snug clothes and still get paid sounds too good to be true. But working from home does still have its disadvantages. Speaking from personal experience, the option to occasionally work from home can be a breath of fresh air. Yet it still leaves you craving the work environment. Lizzi Hart of the Graduate Recruitment Bureau discusses.

1. The working environment

As a University student working part-time, the only space I have is my small bedroom and communal areas. And as nice as it is to be able to combine the creature comforts of home with work, sometimes it doesn’t, well, work. Yet, upon arrival at the office, it’s the ‘work mind frame’ that is associate with a desk and a computer that is really important. If your home desk is used for personal work, studying or whatever, it will carry those associations and won’t motivate your brain to concentrate on the task at hand. It’s in this vein that many students will choose to work in the library rather than at home.

2. Appearance

Remember when you used to complain about having to wear a uniform to school? It was tiresome and limited your ability to express yourself through your clothing. But didn’t it remind you that you had to go to school and study like everyone else? Normal clothes were reserved for evenings and weekends when you could actually ‘be yourself’. The same is true for the world of work. Admittedly it’s great being able to sit in pyjamas, or even work from your bed and not give a damn about what you look like. But the act of getting dressed and making yourself look presentable goes hand in hand with moving into a working environment – it carries the psychological framework of productivity.

3. The people

As a person who enjoys solitude (perhaps a little too much), working from home has offered me the chance to work silently without distractions. But the majority of the time, having an enjoyable job is largely down to the people you work with. Even if the occasional chat about the upcoming weekend distracts you from your work for a brief moment, friendly and light-hearted chit-chat boosts the moral and productivity of most people. You may only be working with your colleagues because you have a mutual need for an income, but human interaction is far more important than many people realise.


All in all, these points may seem simple and obvious, but it’s the excitement of the unknown that means many people will assume that working from home is a great idea. It can be, but when you are offered the choice, always choose to face the office.

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