Winner's Guide to Finding the Perfect Job

By Robert Conrad

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The Internet has changed how we interact with each other on all levels. This is especially true for job seekers and recruiters alike. Gone are the days of filling out an unsolicited generic paper application, but that doesn't mean that the process needs to become totally devoid of genuine connection. In fact, if approached effectively, a digital environment can offer up many advantages that an unsolicited walk-in can never provide.

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Getting Started

First off, it's a good idea for the modern job seeker to create some online profiles in various platforms such as:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn

Doing so allows job seekers to showcase their skills, allow them to conduct more intimate research into their desired firm, and create a network with current employees and managers. Prior to the Internet, conducting a thorough investigation into a business was much harder. However, not only is company information readily available at your fingertips, but there's also a much more candid version of events available on a company's Twitter or Facebook account.


Do Your Homework

In short, there's little reason for interviewees to not conduct research prior to any interviews. It absolutely pays off to regularly interact with managers and currently hired employees wherever they happen to be most active.

Doing so gives you someone on "the inside" that can vouch for you. Making friends before even submitting a resume gives you a network of people that can inform the recruiter of your skills and interest before an interview is even scheduled.

With a strong network, the job seeker can gain some insight into many facets of their desired organization, including:

  • company culture,
  • unabashed reviews straight from the source,
  • available benefits
  • advancement opportunities.

This can be a double-edge sword however, especially if the job seeker doesn't like what they hear. Continuing to pursue a job that is not a good fit for the job seeker or the employer benefits no one, but that doesn't mean that all is for naught. Maintain the contacts you've garnered via social media and keep looking.


Shake Pre-Interview Nervousness

So you finally found a job that's a great fit for your qualifications, you get along great with prospective managers and employees, and there's plenty of advancement opportunities available. However, you're still nervous. Calming pre-interview nerves can be difficult for those who have gaps in their employment history or limited experience in the industry that they're trying to become a part of.

To stave off this seemingly uncontrollable nervousness, prepare yourself adequately by:

  • preparing an explanation for employment gaps that blames no one else
  • conduct a practice interview in front of a mirror and with a friend or family member
  • write down areas of opportunity.

Even something as little as flexing your muscles and breathing exercises can do wonders for calming pre-interview nerves.


Stay Focused & Get That Job

Don't forget that you are trying to convince the interviewer that you are the best fit for the job. No matter how liberal the organization may be that you are applying for, there are certain behaviors that no one finds desirable, such as not asking questions, insistently playing with your hair, or even worse, picking your nose. None of these behaviors project confidence, and can cost you a job offer.

Don't be that person who's blown off early into an interview. Sit up straight, stay engaged and most of all, believe in yourself. That means applying for the job that will fit you best!


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