Top 5 Highest Paying Social Media Jobs

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Social media is transforming the world of marketing, and opening up many doors for businesses that want to boost brand awareness and create a pipeline of potential customers. It’s a fast paced arena and for many, it holds many possibilities for savvy job seekers with a drive for achieving results.

Let’s take a look at five of the highest paying jobs in social media.

Social media strategist

The role of a social media strategist is to pave the way for the rest of the campaign, by selecting the best networks, proposing content strategies and allocating the appropriate resources. It requires a sound knowledge of all aspects of social media and a multitude of other skills, including team management and communication. The route into this sort of position is generally via other marketing roles, though as social media becomes more prominent, trainee jobs are becoming available in this area.


Writing content for social media campaigns is vitally important. Whether it’s updates for Facebook and Twitter, blog posts, articles, or website copy that gets potential customers excited and inspires them to take action, there’s a high demand for talented writers. There are no formal qualifications necessary, though organisations will usually ask for candidates with previous experience who can write for a range of mediums and purposes. To increase your chances of securing one of these roles, you can practice your writing skill by running an online blog.

PR manager

A PR manager looks for new and interesting ways to generate interest in a business from the public and news publications. This could be in the form of blogger outreach schemes, targeting specific news outlets, or organising events to bring social media followers together and creating a buzz around the brand. PR managers tend to be excellent at communicating and managing relationships with a range of stakeholders.


You don’t even need to be employed by a large or up-and-coming organisation to make some serious cash out of social media these days. More and more businesses are looking to outsource aspects of their social media to freelancers who can offer flexible solutions. Once you’ve built a reputation as an expert in the field, you can charge a premium for your services. If you want to go down this route, you’ll need to build a portfolio of your work and be able to demonstrate the results that you can bring for businesses. You could use internships and smaller freelance projects to get a foot in the door. As well as the potential for high pay, many people enjoy freelancing because it allows you to work on your own terms, and choose assignments that you have a string personal interest in.

Online community manager

Online community managers measure the sentiment of conversations taking place about a brand and generate intelligence to direct the social strategy and manage any potential problems. The role tends to be quite data focused, though there also needs to be a strong aspect of emotional intelligence to deal with negative comments in a way that paints the business in a positive light. People with good technical skills and knowledge of the internet are ideally placed for securing this sort of job.

If you want to generate an exciting income from social media, it’s worth looking into these roles. Though they all require different areas of expertise, the beauty of the field is that because it is still in its infancy, there are often no formal routes into these jobs. If you can show initiative and make contacts, none of these are out of your reach.

Have you ever considered a career in social media? Which of these roles appeal most to you?

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