15 Best Tricks to Hiring a Real-Treasure Professional

By Chris Richardson

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The competition on the job market is huge and that means there’s great talent out there. However, the competition among employers is also extreme. If you want the real-treasure professionals, you’ll have to fight for them.

Is it really that difficult to hire the best talent? Not if you have the right approach. We’ll give you 15 straightforward tricks that will set you up for hiring great people in your organization.

1. Check the References

To make sure you’re hiring the best talent, always go through the references. Contact past employers and be very honest in your approach. Explain that you’re looking for top talent and ask them if they would recommend this person as one who meets your criteria.

2. Offer a Solid Salary and Do It Quickly

In the Top Recruiting Trends 2016-2017 recruiting industry report by Top Echelon, recruiters identified clients too slow to make offers as one of their primary reasons for stress. This is a candidate-driven market. As an employer, you have to make a solid offer and you have to do it fast.

3. Set Your Expectations

What exactly do you expect from your perfect candidate? Identify the skills and experience you expect them to have. Then, start looking for people that meet your criteria.

4. Don’t Be a Perfectionist

Keep in mind that there’s no such thing as the perfect employee. Instead of being a perfectionist, focus on the candidates who have great skills and plenty of potential for growth.

5. Focus on the Ones Who Fit In     

. Do not focus only on the skills and experience. Take their personality into consideration, too. Do you need a team player or someone who does their job individually? Do you want to hire the office clown or do you need more serious energy in the workplace?

6. Use a Job Test             

In a study from 2015, named Discretion in Hiring, the researchers analyzed 15 firms employing low-skilled service sector workers. The tests accurately showed the actual performance of the workers.

Give the applicants a test period. Watch how they behave and give them scores. Then, stick with the ones who outperform the others.

7. Write Great Job Postings

Write clear, attractive job postings. Tell why it would be really great for someone to work in your company. The postings must be accurate. If you make them unclear, you can’t expect the best candidates to be interested in them.

8. Network and Recruit!

Some of the best candidates already have jobs. How do you attract them to work in your company? Network!

Make connections on LinkedIn and keep them active. When you have an open position and you know someone who would do the job well, make your offer. Tell them how they would make progress if they left their current employer to come working for you.

9. Promote Your Company’s Culture

Talented want to work in companies with a vibrant office culture. Promote the vibe of your organization through social media. When the best candidates see your employees having fun while doing their jobs, they will want to work for you.

10. Use Technology as Much as Possible                     

What’s with all those myths about the harm of using technology? You know better than that. Use LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and other platforms to attract candidates. Feature the ad on virtual job boards. Make your company’s website as cool as possible. Talented people want to work for modern companies.

11. Tell Your Current Employees to Spread the News

Your people know people. They have connections in the industry. Encourage them put in a good word for you as an employer.

12. Consider Freelancers

If a certain type of work can be completed by a remote worker, then you should definitely dive into that talent pool. You’ll find great people there.

13. Hire the Ones Interested in Long-Term Opportunities

Ask the candidates if this position is close to the ideal one they imagine at this point. If it’s not, you should know they will constantly be looking for other opportunities.

14. Screen the Candidates by Phone

Before you narrow down the list to the ones you’ll invite for a real interview, call the promising applicants by phone. This will help you evaluate them equally, so you’ll know you’re inviting the right ones for interview.

15. Conduct a Really Good Interview

Tell the candidate to imagine a real-life scenario from your offices. Present a particular problem. How would they solve it? If you’re looking for the ideal candidates, you have to make the interviews count.


Hiring top talent is a rather difficult endeavor. However, if you use few tricks during the hiring process, you’ll have chances to present your organization as an attractive option for real-treasure professionals.


About the Author:
Chris Richardson is a journalist, editor, and a blogger. He loves to write, learn new things, and meet new outgoing people. Chris is also fond of traveling, sports, and playing the guitar. Follow him on Facebook and Google+.

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