18 Key Insights To Boost Your Facebook Presence

By Tony Restell

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I've been reading up a bit on how to boost your facebook presence - or more specifically, how to get better results from posting on your Facebook Page. Put simply, with a userbase some five times that of LinkedIn, Facebook remains a social platform that recruiters simply can't afford to ignore.

Hence when I came across the following infographic with 18 tips to boost the effectiveness of your postings on your Facebook page, I thought this well worth sharing. Especially as many of the ideas resonate with what I would consider to be best practice in other social recruiting channels, eg:

  • Making sure your posts are interesting, informative or entertaining
  • Being sure to include a visual element to your Facebook posts
  • Keeping your posts concise
  • Asking questions to gather valuable feedback and to start dialogues
  • Being consistent in your posting patterns
  • Paying attention to the analytics showing how successful your Facebook presence really is
  • Ensuring you're responsive
  • ...

I hope that - like me - you find this a great resource for figuring out how you might improve your Facebook presence. If any of the ideas particularly resonate - or you have other ideas that have worked particularly well for you - please do share in the comments section below!

18 Key Insights To Boost Your Facebook Presence

18 Sweet Tips for Facebook Page Posts

18 Sweet Tips for Facebook Page Posts infographic


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