3 Quick Things You Can Do To Strengthen Your Social Media Presence

By Tony Restell

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3 Quick Things You Can Do To Strengthen Your Social Media PresenceSocial media can be brutal. In very few areas of digital marketing is it possible to sink so much time and yet see so little return. With more and more recruiters having sunk a year or more into building their social media presence, the reality is setting in that many have simply not generated anything like the results hoped for.


With this in mind, let me share 3 things you can do to turn things around:

Profiling your audience and appealing to their needs. Who is it your business wants to appeal to on social media? What topics interest them the most? What type of updates would make you a valuable part of their daily lives? Most recruiting teams and businesses I talk with can't adequately answer this question. But if you can't do that, how can you consistently deliver value and insights to your target audience and draw them to your business like a magnet? You can't - so address this shortcoming before doing anything else.

Getting your profiles seen by your ideal candidates, clients, alumni or influencers. On every social platform there are tactics you can deploy to figure out who are the people actively using it. Then you need to narrow your focus down to just those who match your criteria for the people you want your business to reach. Focus your efforts on them - or the influencers who reach them - and you will see your followings quickly grow. Need help figuring out what those actions should be? Feel free to reach out and schedule a call.

Proactively start conversations. In fact, never pass up the opportunity to have a conversation. It's these interactions that lead to bonds being formed. They also trigger a flood of goodwill towards your brand and an avalanche of unprompted shares of your updates. But most importantly, they are the precursor to more meaningful business conversations taking place. Start a few dozen conversations this next week and you'll be amazed at the things you start to see happening on your accounts.

I very much hope this helps you to turn things around. If you'd like more tips, by all means join us for one of the free taster social media webinars we're running in the next weeks. Good luck - and I look forward to seeing your recruiting team conquering social media sometime soon!

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