3 Surefire Ways to Reduce Time to Fill

By Noel Webb

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Time to Fill (TTF) is the number of days between the release of a job posting and an offer being accepted. Not to be confused with Time to Hire, which tracks the amount of time between a successful candidate’s first contact and their hire, TTF encapsulates the entire process and is critical to identifying issues which slow down successful recruitment.  


In the 2016 SHRM Talent Acquisition Report, the average TTF is 41 days. Recruiters report a lengthy hiring process to be a key factor in a shortage of candidates. The best candidates usually don’t wait that long before being snapped up by competitors. So, how can you reduce this key performance metric to improve your recruiting process? With today’s technologies and the competitive talent market, companies that embrace automation and artificial intelligence will streamline their recruiting processes and get ahead of their competition.

Time to Hire


Automate Sourcing

If you have a position receiving hundreds of applications, chances are sourcing will not be a problem of yours. However, if you have an opening that is not receiving enough response, it’s key to have the right sourcing tools. Recent innovation in artificial intelligence allows technology to learn the requirements of the jobs to source candidates who are fit for the position. Automating and letting technology take over candidate sourcing allows you to shorten the amount of time it takes to source quality candidates both in external databases or through your own ATS.


Automate Screening

In the SHRM report, it was also found that it takes about nine days from when the job is published to start screening candidates, which presents a large delay in reaching top talent. Screening resumes is one of the most time consuming and tedious processes in a recruiter’s daily tasks. An ATS can help with screening, but creates bottlenecks because it doesn’t allow you to easily rank resumes. Many have outdated filters and rely on basic title-matching, lacking precision or personalization.


The innovative technologies surrounding screening tools can be easily integrated in your existing ATS. Using artificial intelligence, screening and assessment automation tools learn what a successful hire would look like at your company based on a variety of factors, including past recruiting decisions, and then applies that knowledge to score and rank the candidates.


Automate Outreach and Scheduling

Automating the outreach process not only benefits the recruiter’s experience but improves the candidate experience as well. 65% of candidates report they never, or rarely, receive notification about their application. This creates animosity between candidates and companies, and chances are they will tell someone else about their poor experience. With automation, you can speed up processes by letting outreach tools do all of the work for you. These tools can notify candidates of what stage in the process their application is in so they’re not left wondering about the timeline of their job search.


You can also use these tools to reduce TTF by allowing you to send interview requests to candidates that have ranked as good matches during the screening process. The technologies available for outreach integrate with major calendar and email providers, which speeds up interviewing and scheduling.


Using technology to cut inefficiencies and administrative work makes the recruiter's job easier, and they are then able to focus on the parts of their job that matter the most. With the increasingly competitive job market, recruiters don’t have the time to spend hours searching through resumes or sending emails to every applicant. It’s time to cut through the clutter in the talent market and make filling positions more efficient and precise. Tools powered by artificial intelligence have algorithms and functionalities that adapt to user preferences in real time. Recruiters can now experience personalization in the hiring and job-seeking process alike.

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