4 Ways to Get Noticed By Jobseekers in 2015


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The New Year is here and with it is a new opportunity to put your best foot forward as an employer.  Prospective employees are busy making new goals and architecting new dreams they want to fulfill.   This time last year, 57.5% of U.S. professionals told Korn Ferry one of the ways they'd be fulfilling those dreams would be to look for a new job in the new year... and there's really little that has changed in the employment landscape to make us think that 2015 will be any different.  So how do you put your best foot forward so jobseekers look to you as their next career move?  Here's 4 things to share to help get on their radar:

  • Share Your Great Workplace: Most in leadership, particularly HR leadership, would agree that has an impact on productivity.  More and more data is coming out showing the direct impact positive culture and employee engagement has on the bottom line. Quicken Loans CEO, Bill Emerson, shared their company culture helped more than double their revenues from 30MM to 70MM in 2.5 years: "What it comes down to is the culture of the company and how we've talked to everyone about what it means to be a team member here, every day, every time, with every client - no exceptions, no excuses."   Take a look:

  • (Get &) Share Your References.  On LinkedIn, people have the opportunity to share references about the work of individuals.  As an organization, you have references, too - from past employees, current employees, and even candidates. The stories of their experiences working for you not only add credibility to your employer branding messaging, but can be a powerful tool in your recruitment marketing arsenal.  Make sure to get their testimonials - and make sure they're useful to candidates by hitting the topics job seekers want to know about:  culture experience, leadership interaction, career development, and how they're recognized/rewarded for their efforts.   There are several tools that can help you do this:  one of my favorites has been Zoomforth.  You can send conversation prompts to get video and written testimonials from your employees (past, present, and even future if you want to solicit feedback on candidate experience).


  • Share Your Roles.  People can't apply for what they a) don't know is open and b) what they don't understand.  Make sure you are sharing the job families, open roles and ideally, how they path and map in terms of career progression.  Go beyond the job description - those are often internal documents that get shared externally because those in recruitment either don't know how, or don't want to invest the time, in creating job advertisements.  Here's the difference:  a job description is focused on EMPLOYER wants and needs.  A job advertisement shares those wants and needs in such a way its focused on the candidate's point of view.   Think about it:  when a department store wants you to buy their products, do they read off what the products are made of and the care instructions? No. They describe the products they sell in such a way that they make you want to have it, too. 
  • Share The Individual Impact.  At the end of it all, employees want to know that their contributions make a difference - and so too do recruits potentially coming in.  Paul Hebert, Vice President of Solution Design of employee engagement company, says it's about validation... "I'd like to think someone would notice if I did not show up or did not do my job right. That is the goal. Validate me."  Somewhere between 10-15% of the global workforce can be classified as "disconnected" from the organization and its mission according to PWC research. When that happens, the likelihood that the employee will exit increases exponentially.  So, in your employer branding and recruitment marketing efforts, be sure to clearly articulate the meaning behind the work your employees do - highlight the impact individual roles and people have to the organization.  Ideally, include 2nd and 3rd person testimonials with 1st person accounting:  for example, having higher-level leadership share recognition of an individual employee and their efforts as part of the larger story.  Not only can it show well to potential candidates, it will make the employee feel good to hear the validation of their work efforts.

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