5 Reasons Managers MUST Work Closely With Recruiters to Prepare for Autumn

By Will Thomson- Executive Sales Recruiter- Austin, TX

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The weather topped out at 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius) this past weekend in Austin, Texas.  It was miserable.  When you walked outside, the humid air almost took your breath away.  That is how every August is in Texas though, and I have come to terms with it.  It goes as fast as it comes, and I can put up with a month of hot weather for a mild winter any day. 

From my point of view, in August, while the weather is so unbearable, you are either indoors, or at the pool.  Unless you absolutely have to be outside in the summer heat, it is not a great choice.  I know some go running, play golf or are preparing for football season.   Not for me though.   Sounds awful.

August is a weird month.  It marks the end of the summer.  For most, it is a month of waiting.  Waiting for the excitement of the fall.  Soaking up the final moments with your family.  Taking your final vacation while you can.  It is a time of lull.  American football isn’t on yet, and the new fall TV shows haven’t started.  School isn’t in session until the end of August or first week of September. 

Over the years, I have learned that waiting is simply not smart.  Preparation is key.  It is important to enjoy the summer, but it is also important to prepare for the future at all times. Most company’s quarters end at the fiscal year, so it is crucial to prepare now for the success the rest of the year.  Here are 5 reasons managers must partner closely with recruiters in preparation for Autumn.  It will be here before you know it. 

1.  You Have Goals/ Numbers You Will Be Accountable For The End Of The Year.   Don’t forget this.  The more resources you have and the longer you have been partnering with a recruiter, the better chances are that you will have at achieving your objectives. 

2.  Good hires Are Difficult To Obtain.  Great hires take time to recruit.  The sooner that recruiters know about a need, they can start pipelining.  You may be able to get a okay hire, but really and truly, you want the best.  Right?

3.  Onboarding Is Never As Easy As You Think.  Just because you have found “the perfect candidate” doesn’t mean it won’t take time to onboard the individual.  Think about 2 weeks notice.  Think about the drug screen and the background check.  These take time.  Get ahead of the curb now!

4.  Others Are Recruiting If You Aren’t.  While you aren’t preparing, others who want it more are preparing.  Don’t be caught hitting the snooze button.  Work hard to beat the competition. Do you think that the best football teams are lying around in August?  No way! 

5.  Recruiters Do Work Multiple Requisitions.  You are NOT the only manager hiring.  There are other managers that will need to have hires quickly also.  Wouldn’t you like to be at the top of the priority list rather than the bottom?

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