5 Sneaky Tips to Get the Best Talent in your Business

By Hubert Dwight

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Getting the right man for the job is no easy feat these days, and employers have to get resourceful about how to fill their positions with the highest quality, most talented employees possible.

Check out these five tricks for attracting the best candidates to your business, so you can hire a workforce that will turn into long-term ambitious and loyal employees.


1. Troll Social Media

The Internet, specifically social media sites, can be an excellent resource for tapping into the job seekers pool, as well as investigating the personal characteristics of potential new hires.

Professional sites like LinkedIn and Workopolis can be a great tool for short listing potential employees, by allowing you to not only post job opportunities there, but take a closer look at potential candidates, their resumes and qualifications all in one convenient location.

Social media makes it easier to reach a large, yet targeted audience.


2. Rely on Recruitment Services

Hiring can be an overwhelming process, and selecting quality employees is absolutely imperative to the success and longevity of a company.

Professional recruitment services can handle these duties effortlessly, as they are specialised in finding competent and capable job candidates that will have much to offer in a professional environment.

Recruiters have a large network of resources they can draw on to find you the best possible applicants for the job.


3. Know What Makes a Good Employee

There is a science to mastering the hiring process, and interviewers need to learn how to assess applicants, picking out candidates who seem like they will fit in well with the work environment, as well as possess several of the qualities that indicate they will be a good employee, and an asset to the organisation.

Qualities a potential employer should possess include a high level of competence, ambition and self-motivation, adequate education and certification for the position, and an eagerness to do a good job and learn as much as possible about their position.


4. Always Follow Up with References

Anybody can provide a seemingly flawless resume and dazzle their way through an interview, but the only way to know if somebody is everything they claim to be is by reaching out and interacting with the references they provide.

Ask the right questions when speaking with those providing references, and enquire about their relationship, both professional and personal, the applicant's work history, any achievements or awards earned from that organisation, as well as the general impression the potential employee has made on the referee.

Be sure to take note of who the references provided are from, whether they are recent, from an affluent person within a company, as well as how closely the person worked with or under them to determine how strong of a reference they have provided you. Having very out-dated or sparse references is a warning sign.


5. Provide a Positive and Gratifying Work Experience

If you wish to have great employees, then simply be a great employer.

Providing a positive work environment is key, as this is what will make your workforce loyal to your company, and keep them coming to their jobs day after day, year after year.

Aspects that make a work environment a good place to work include positive recognition for committed employees, rewards and incentives for a job well done, family friendly policies and procedures, and fair and appealing compensation packages. When a company offers its employees this type of position they will see lower numbers in terms of staff turnover, and happy, well-adjusted and industrious staff, as employees will value a job that provides well for them.


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