5 Steps to Building an Effective Social Recruitment Campaign

By Cheryl Morgan

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An effective social recruitment campaign can be the best tool possible for finding and hiring the ideal candidates. In order to attract the best professionals in your industry, you need to make your company stand out through your social media presence and how you represent the overall brand of the business at every turn. The following steps will walk you through what you need to do to build a great social recruitment campaign.

Choose a Platform for Your Campaign

Before you can seriously engage in a social recruitment campaign, you need to decide which platform is best for your goals. Different groups of people tend to favour certain social media websites, so choose those which are most appropriate. If you have limited time and resources then it's better to do fewer sites well then attempt to be on all of them and never get chance to update them or engage with relevant people. Narrow in on the specific social media sites that offer you the best chance to connect with your target audience and be sure to make use of social media tools like Buffer which will help you to manage your accounts more efficiently.


Build a Strong Following

Social media pages are fun to follow when they are frequently updated with interesting content and when the company behind the profile is willing to respond to followers. If someone comments and is ignored by your company, they won't feel appreciated or engaged. Post at least once each weekday and respond to every comment within 24 hours, if possible. If not this often, do so as often as you can, and this will help you build a loyal following that cares about what you have to say. The right candidates will, too!

Social recruitment campaign
As you communicate with potential recruits online, imagine conversing with them face to face.


Examine Your Progress

As you pursue your social recruitment campaign, you need to stop and evaluate how things are going. The most successful social recruiters often examine the data that reveals their strengths and weaknesses. When you do so, you can build on your strengths and look to address the areas where your target audience isn't responding so well.


Ask Yourself Questions

As you evaluate where you stand within the social recruitment campaign, be sure to ask yourself the following questions:

    • What did I do that got the most enthusiastic response? (To answer this honestly, look at the post that has the most shares, responses, and views.)


    • What kind of messages are potential hires most interested in? (Although it may vary, usually certain audiences show you the kind of things they like to see by rewarding you with likes and approval for their favourite posts while ignoring ones they don't like.)


  • What was the sharpest criticism that I received from the target audience? (No, you don't want to take all criticism to heart, as you will find a lot of it within the realm of social media, but you do need to take strong, valid criticisms seriously. They can help you do better.)

As you ask yourself these questions, make notes and be sure to create a plan to implement ways to improve as soon as possible.

Place a Strong Job Ad

When you are ready to hire for a new position within the company, you need to create a job ad that stands out from the crowd. It should detail why this role is a great opportunity, the kind of person it would suit and why the company is one that you'd want to work for. To keep it succinct don't spend time on anything that isn't necessary for someone to know before applying. Also look into the best way to promote the role e.g. video. Once you have your job ad in place, share it on social media by making brief posts that tell your followers just enough to pique their interest.



Building an effective social recruitment campaign is all about being consistent as well as patient. You are likely to find things that help you build stronger campaigns each time. Book a review of your social media presence to make sure that you are on the right track for an optimal campaign.




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